Comodo Antispam: Advanced Threat Protection for Better Mobile Security

Since 2014, cybercriminals have been quietly upping their malware game to 75% year-to-year thereby posing a significant threat to mobile security. This mobile security issue also overlaps with possible cyber attacks against enterprises since 40% of employees of large companies use mobile devices. What individuals and companies need is the kind of advanced threat protection that covers the bases, most especially email in mobile devices.

Mobile Security

Enter Comodo Antispam, the most robust advanced threat protection system built to increase mobile security across enterprises.

Comodo Upgrades Mobile Security with Advanced Threat Protection

  • 1. Cloud-based advanced threat protection promotes mobile security without stringing up resources.

Since Comodo Antispam is a cloud-based advanced threat protection app, most of the processing is done on the cloud servers. The application has a minimal resource footprint and works quietly in the background while promoting mobile security on devices. Aside from its light touch on the system, Comodo Antispam is also scalable and can add more devices and more users to its network at any time. More mobile security for more users instantly.

  • 2. Comodo AntiSpam Labs backs the devices mobile security with updating blacklist and Sender Reputation Network. This is advanced threat protection at work.

Comodo Antispam's powerful advanced threat protection begins inside Comodo AntiSpam Labs and their constant research on malware and spammers. This work informs and updates the blacklists and the whitelists behind the Comodo Antispam. The app's blacklist constantly updates and provides no downtime for malware engineers to take advantage of the gap. Since these potential vulnerabilities disappear, mobile security becomes ironclad.

Aside from the traditional anti spam solutions, Comodo Antispam uses reputation ratings in order to provide a human element to its anti spam mechanisms. This allows the anti spam software to block messages coming from Internet service providers and domains with bad reviews and known reputation as sources of spam. This additional element of human reviews increase anti spam protection throughout the network that uses Comodo Antispam.

  • 3. Comodo Antispam intelligently learns about spam patterns and viruses for better mobile security and advanced threat protection.

Comodo integrates artificial intelligence making their antispam product a truly advanced threat protection system. Thanks to the AI, the app intelligently learns about malicious applications and who they work every single time the application encounters a new one. This results in tighter and tighter mobile security across all the devices in the network.

  • 4. Comodo Antispam blocks malicious attachments from running through its proprietary containment technology thereby guaranteeing mobile security. True advanced protection for your devices.

Comodo's containment technology totally changes the game when it comes to advanced threat protection. What this advanced threat protection does is it locks attachments and files and let's them run in a safe environment inside the computer. By executing the file inside this container, the Valkyrie system sees if the program or attachment is malicious and then aptly quarantines it if it is malicious. And then Comodo Antivirus cleans up these malicious applications and archives the messages.

  • 5. Valkyrie File Verdict System analyzes files and detects if they are malicious based on their behaviors – promoting mobile security and advanced threat protection.

Aside from the containment tech, Comodo Antispam uses Comodo's Valkyrie File Verdict System. This advanced protection feature judges the chances that a particular file is a virus through analysis of its components. It can tell even if something is malicious even if it's just a string and not even a full program. This nips the threat in the bud and how this particular anti spam feature to give advanced threat protection than other solutions in the market.

All of these advantages together make Comodo Antispam one of the best advanced threat protection applications in the market. The application layers a firewall, blacklists, artificial intelligence, Comodo's containment tech, Valkyrie File Verdict System, and Comodo Antivirus to proactively deny threats from every taking a foothold into the device and compromising mobile security. Viruses and malware delivered through email definitely have no chance at all.

The increased mobile security removes the task of identifying spam from employees thereby adding to their productivity. With this kind of advanced threat protection, enterprises enjoy more productivity across the board. If you want your company to start taking advantage of the benefits that Comodo Antispam brings, please get in touch with one of our representatives today. Get a truly advanced threat protection system for better mobile security across your company.