A Question People Loves to Ask from Spammers, How Do You Earn from Spam?

What were the last five spam emails you received in your email? If you ask me, 3 out of 5 were about offers of sex service from random person online, while 2 out of the 5 were about Viagra sale offers. Imagine the combination who it caters to — someone who may be impotent needs Viagra before signing-up for those sex services right? Junk email for many people may range from: not deserving any time to think about, annoying or irritating to see, while if we think humorously of what we do to get such e-mail, it maybe somewhat entertaining. But It isn't even remotely coincidental why many of the junk emails being sent have something to do with human desire and emotion because it sells well.

Anti-spam Box

Unfortunately, yes, the spam emails sell well. But who the heck patronizes these products they offer you ask? Not one on record, because no one will even admit of buying something out of a spam email. However, researchers from ICSI Berkeley tried to answer this very question in their 2008 study. With a sheer number of junk emails spammer sends every day, there will always be a certain portion of the population who will patronize it. See below figure from the ICSI Berkeyley controlled study: https://www.icsi.berkeley.edu/pubs/networking/2008-ccs-spamalytics.pdf

Spammers have a way to earn income, even if the recipient of their spam emails never buys the products they are selling, nor sign-up for the services they are offering. This is through adverts, and junk emails always contain links. These links are associated with heavy advertising sites, where a critical mass of visitors earns the spammers a good enough income.

System administrators should use a proactive approach to fight spam, and keep the spam away from their users. This can be done by any commercial product these days, but not all anti spam box programs are created equal. A software anti spam box can suffice for a small organization of 15-members or less, as the system resource burden is not heavy for the mail server to carry. However, for a medium-size firm or even the multinational company with offices in many places in the world, a flexible service for anti spam box is much better.

One such anti spam box service that run on a hosted infrastructure is Comodo Dome anti spam box. It is a comprehensive solution that frees the mail server from the burden of filtering spam emails. With its revolutionary Valkyrie technology, Comodo Dome anti spam box updates itself with its real-time connection with the cloud. This assures that the spam signature will always be the latest one available for the email infrastructure.

Comodo Dome anti spam protects the email clients from questionable email contents and malicious links. The heuristics anti spam box engine it quarantines junk emails as one of its primary anti spam box actions. The spammers have all the techniques and methodology at their disposal to continuously improve their junk emails. Making them more persuasive as much as possible, to counter this, a comprehensive anti spam box action needs to implemented by an enterprise, regardless if they are large or a start-up. Try Comodo Dome anti spam today.


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