Best 9 Advantages to Pick Comodo Antispam as Your Desktop Antispam Software

At least 60% of offices in the United States still use desktop for work and this means there's still a market for desktop antispam software. When thinking about anti spam solutions or desktop antispam, managers need to think of the one app which will give them the most advantages. Comodo Antispam is the anti spam solution with the right mix of advantages that will guarantee the maximum in productivity for employees.

Here's what our anti spam solution has in store for enterprises that no other anti spam solution can provide.

Comodo Antispam. Best Desktop Antispam for Enterprises

  1. Cloud Based Anti Spam Solution
  2. Web-based Anti Spam Solution
  3. Fully-Scalable Anti Spam Solution
  4. Comodo Antispam is a Filtering Gateway
  5. Less Than 1 Second Latency
  6. Constantly Updating Blacklists
  7. Proactive Defense Against Threats
  8. Valkyrie File Verdict System
  9. Comodo's Containment Technology

Desktop Antispam Benefit 1: Cloud Based Anti Spam Solution

Since Comodo Antispam is a cloud-based application, clients don't need to buy equipment nor hardware to make the anti spam technology work. They just need to install the anti spam application and integrate it with their existing software environment.

Desktop Antispam Benefit 2: Web-based Anti Spam Solution

As an anti spam software, Comodo Antispam presents no single point of failure. In case a dedicated server goes down or an appliance burns or even when an entire data center gets attacked, Comodo Antispam will keep on going because it's spread out across multiple appliances, servers, and centers.

Desktop Antispam Benefit 3: Fully-Scalable Anti Spam Solution

One of the best key features of Comodo Antispam is that it is fully scalable. There are no limitations on the number of domains it can cover nor any number of users administrators can add. Its anti spam protection can expand if and when the organization needs to extend privileges to new users.

Desktop Antispam Benefit 4: Comodo Antispam is a Filtering Gateway

The anti spam software is actually a filtering gateway and works with advanced filters to keep malware and phishing email out of the network. Comodo Antispam does not allow these malicious applications within the firewall and thus saves the network from needlessly processing them.

Desktop Antispam Benefit 5: Less Than 1 Second Latency

The great thing about this anti spam is that it makes almost no impact on network resources and processes. Users will hardly feel that Comodo Antispam exists in the background because it will cause less than a second of latency as it is keeping the network safe.

Desktop Antispam Benefit 6: Constantly Updating Blacklists

The best part about Comodo Antispam is that it is constantly learning from the threats it encounters and it is constantly updated against zero-day threats. This anti spam solution's blacklists constantly update with records of the newest threats in the landscape. Thanks to this feature, the anti spam tool provides no downtime for hackers to use and exploit the system.

Desktop Antispam Benefit 7: Proactive Defense Against Threats

Comodo Antispam is the only product to score 100% in Matousec's proactive defense challenge. The anti spam offers maximum protection against viruses and malware posing as attachments.

Desktop Antispam Benefit 8: Valkyrie File Verdict System

Comodo Antispam is equipped with Comodo's proprietary Valkyrie File Verdict System. Aside from working with existing and documented threats, this anti spam feature judges the chances that a particular file is a virus through analysis of its components. It can tell even if something is malicious even if it's just a string and not even a full program.

Desktop Antispam Benefit 9: Comodo's Containment Technology

Another anti spam feature worth getting excited about is Comodo's Containment Technology. What this anti spam feature does is it locks attachments and files and let's them run in a safe space unconnected to the system. Executing the file allows the Valkyrie system to see if the program or attachment is malicious and then aptly quarantines it if is found as such.

These 9 advantages combine into a powerful desktop antispam solution for enterprises. The program also keeps the costs small since there are no capital outlays to be made on hardware and appliances. Furthermore, companies don't have to spend on warranties, licenses, annual support subscriptions, rack space, network ports, power outlets, and electrical consumption – all costs associated with maintaining hardware. What's more is that the program boosts the productivity of both employees and IT staff alike because of is automated system and effectiveness against threats. This makes Comodo Antispam the best desktop antispam program for enterprises.

Talk to a Comodo representative today and let's talk about how our anti spam solution can do wonders for your company.