Comodo Anti Spam Offers The Best Spam Protection in the Market Today

Anti spam technology keeps getting better thanks to Comodo. The proactive cybersecurity company fields Comodo Anti Spam ibestn order to combat the increasing wave of unsolicited and malicious messages. This cloud based solution is one of the best spam protection tools for homes and businesses alike.

In this article, we'll talk about the five-point feature of this best spam protection.

How Comodo Anti Spam Provides the Best Spam Protection

Users of Comodo Anti Spam can rest easy because this best spam protection tool guarding their email security. Comodo Anti Spam achieves tight email security controls that enterprises and homes can benefit from in terms of email security. Here's how Comodo Anti Spam provides the best spam protection:

1. A centralized management console that simplifies user and group mail management for the best spam protection.

IT staff and managers can profile their users and give each of them a different security level for the best spam protection. Done this way, they can protect employees and clients alike by applying security features and restrictions on a case per case basis. Managers and staff will be able to shield the most vulnerable users' email security and by doing so provide the best spam protection for their clients.

2. Comodo's unique containment technology for the best spam protection.

Clients reap benefits from using Comodo Anti Spam because of the Valkyrie file verdict system. What happens is when a user receives an email, Comodo's containment technology will isolate any files, run it in a boxed environment, and let Valkyrie assess whether the file is a threat to email security and cyber security. This proactive feature increases productivity while serving as the best spam protection.

3. Best spam protection integrates AI for intelligent learning against spam patterns and threats.

Comodo Anti Spam integrates artificial intelligence into its design. This allows the anti spam solution to learn about the malware. This upgrades Comodo Anti Spam every time it encounters spam making its anti spam capabilities. Thanks to AI, Comodo Anti Spam transforms into the best way to filter spam every single time it encounters malware or new kinds of spam.

4. Valkyrie File Verdict System

Aside from the containment tech, Comodo Anti Spam uses Comodo's Valkyrie File Verdict System. This anti spam feature judges the chances that a particular file is a virus through analysis of its components. It can tell even if something is malicious even if it's just a string and not even a full program. This nips the threat in the bud and how this particular anti spam feature to give superior protection than other solutions in the market.

5. Reputation Network leverages human reviews for best spam protection.

Aside from the traditional anti spam solutions, Comodo Antispam uses reputation ratings in order to provide a human element to its anti spam mechanisms. This allows the anti spam software to block messages coming from Internet service providers and domains with bad reviews and known reputation as sources of spam. This additional element of human reviews increase anti spam protection throughout the network that uses Comodo Antispam.

6. A sophisticated filtering system for the best spam protection.

As you can see, Comodo Antispam is the best anti spam solution in the market. What differentiates it from the rest is it uses different layers to synergistically combat spam. C Emails pass through several e-mail filters and anti spam solutions before getting scanned by the Comodo Antivirus and Valkyrie File Verdict System. This anti spam system is set up in a way that it intelligently learns and adapts to new spam techniques and newer malware. The emails which come from sources the company or their email protection service trusts receives auto whitelisting. Mail recognized as spam ends up in quarantine. This a sophisticated anti spam solution.

In order to provide up-to-date anti spam coverage, Comodo Anti spam also has an updating blacklist. Of course, the blacklist sources its information from threat labs making the newest anti spam tech. What's awesome about this anti spam feature is that it constantly updates thus there is no down time when it comes to catching up to what spammers are hatching.

The common email user has found a reliable partner in Comodo by way of Comodo Anti Spam. In one year alone, the Comodo Anti Spam system filtered 400 million emails, caught 340 million spam emails, and blocked 4 million email based malware. This is performance only the best anti spam solutions provide.

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