The "Idealist Geek" Speaks: Why Creating Internet Security Is Important

A word from Melih Abdulhayoglu, CEO of Comodo

My vision for Comodo was driven by the idealist geek in me—I wanted to create a secure Internet solution to benefit the human race. Trust requires security, building infrastructures, tools, services, which is required for the entire model to function effectively. The Internet must succeed, it must be secure, and that’s what motivates me every day. Without trust in the Internet, the concept of this next phase of the internet industrial revolution serves no benefit but potential disaster. When Henry Ford first invented the Model T automobile, he revolutionized transportation and American industry through his work as a prolific inventor. Ford had a global vision, that didn’t start with designing auto parts that would create the automobile, rather he created the automobile first – and then the parts manufacturing came later. The development of the products we have at Comodo is generated in the same manner. I work directly with my entire team to ensure that our mission is adhered to, and that each product meets the superior standards I have set forth at early inception.

Thank you for partnering with Comodo by creating trust online.