Good Books : The Power

"The Power," as the title assures, describes that people have the power within to create the life of their dreams, is already No. 82 on Amazon's best-sellers list and No. 1 in the religion and spirituality category.

"The category is strong because people are always looking for ways to improve their lives," said Patricia Bostelman, Barnes & Noble's vice president of marketing."

"The Power" promises to be a bright spot at a time when the industry is struggling. While publishers have been scaling back their print runs, Atria Books has printed a hefty one million copies of "The Power" for the U.S. and Canada, and is launching an aggressive marketing campaign to support the self-help book.

Since its 2006 release, Rhonda Byrne's "The Secret," has become one of the top-selling books of recent decades. Now Ms. Byrne is back with "The Power," another guide to positive thinking that has already cracked Amazon's top 100 best-seller list prior to publication.