Special Thanks Assigns Comodo Firewall First-ever Perfect Score.

"As the first product, Comodo Internet Security reached the perfect score against all 84 tests in the testing suite. Congratulations!" wrote the editors of the Matousec challenge site.

Matousec tested 33 PC firewalls, including Comodo Internet Security, each with 84 different tests. For the first time ever, a PC security product has attained a perfect score, defending PCs against all proactive security challenges. is a project of Different Internet Experience Ltd. It was founded by David Matoušek in March 2006 with a small group of young people, mostly university students, who were interested in the Internet, security and other computer related topics. The group's focus was on security related projects and providing specific services to software vendors.

Comodo’s Firewall is available free as a part of its suite Comodo Internet Security. The firewall includes a Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) with Default Deny Protection™. The HIPS blocks any software that attempts to install itself or run, unless that software is on Comodo’s whitelist, more than 800,000 files known to be safe.

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