Melih Abdulhayoglu: Comodo Offers Free Email Certificates to thawte Customers

Melih also wants you to know that "Comodo continues its commitment to free email security. We care for end users and we won't abandon them."

Savvy email users understand that any plain email they send or receive can be read or altered if someone intercepts it (remember Sarah Palin?). Many of them choose to encrypt their emails, altering the text with a mathematical algorithm that makes it unreadable. The <it>key</it> to decrypting the email is in a computer file called a <it>digital certificate.</it> With a digital certificate, email users can use any S/MIME compatible email program, including Outlook, to encrypt their emails.

Comodo has offered free digital certificates to private email users for years. So has another company named thawte. thawte announced last month that it plans to revoke its free certificates as of November 16.

Get yourself a free email certificate for private use today by visiting and clicking on "Free Secure Email Certificates."

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