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Who Loses More Money in Online Scams: Men or Women?

The recently-released US Federal Cybercrime Complaint Clearinghouse IC3 annual report, based on complaints filed with law enforcement agencies in 2009, contains some interesting figures about online scams in the US.

The amount of money lost to online scams nearly doubled from 2008 ($264.6 million) to 2009 ($559.7 million.)

Who lost that money? According to the report, slightly more men lost money (54%), and they lost more of it. Men lost an average of $650 per complaint, while women lost “only” $500. More complaints came from the following states California, Florida, Texas and New York.

When the complaint is about online shopping, Comodo is here to help.

Comodo BuyerTrust is a new program for US e-merchants. With Comodo BuyerTrust they can offer their customers eVouch certificates at the time of purchase. If there is a dispute with the e-merchant, the customer can file a claim with Comodo. If Comodo is unable to resolve the complaint according to the terms of sale, Comodo will refund the purchase price, up to $25,000.

Look for the BuyerTrust seal where you shop online.