Comodo Mailbag

Free Security Products... There for the Asking

Customers write to Comodo founder and President, Melih Abdulhayoglu, from all over the world thanking him for Comodo's free security products. Here's a sampling from some of their emails:

"I am student in Vietnam which is a poor country in Asia, We are living in remote region of Vietnam..I have to travel to Ho Chi Minh City for University, and so to purchase a security product that costs more than 10 USD, I have to skip my dinner for the whole month.I am asking for the Comodo Internet security, please send me one as I plan to buy used laptop in the next month. Thank you very much for your reading. All the best! "

"Melih, Thank you so much for this great opportunity to use Comodo Internet .Security Complete. I used to run Comodo years ago - but it was too noisy. I got more savvy and Comodo sure has improved a hell of a lot. I watch Matousec and congratulate you on your 100% ratings across the board. It is feature rich and the live support is superb ... You humanity and magnanimity is rare in a world of get it by any means necessary and run."

Thanks Again,

According to Melih, all someone needs to do is ask, and he will provide them with the protection they so desperately need and sometimes can't have access to or simply can't afford.

It's it encouraging to know there is such a commitment to creating trust online and that Comodo will do everything possible to make security available to's there for the asking.