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Every PC User Should Know The 5 Points of PC Protection.

In America today, over 100 million of us surf the Web and nearly 80 million of us send emails. Yet very few of us protect our computers and ourselves from harm.

Chances are your computer is linked to the Internet, where there are millions of Web Sites and billions of visitors daily. But not everybody is on the Web for the reasons YOU are. There's a whole population of hackers hell bent on pilfering your bank accounts, phishers working late into the night to steal your credit card numbers, and cyber-crooks dedicated to reading and corrupting your private files with viruses. More than 50,000 new viruses every day! Think I'm being melodramatic? Then just spend a minute mulling over what I'm about to tell you.

Have you ever wondered about a bank withdrawal or credit card purchase you don't recall making? Ever experienced a corrupt file or some missing photos? A slow computer, frozen screen, annoying glitch or a total crash you SWEAR you did nothing to cause? Here comes the astounding reality. You probably DIDN'T cause them! Because the truth is, ugly little viruses, devious hackers and relentless online criminals are the No.1 cause of most of these problems! And all you have to do to let them in is log on to the Internet, make a purchase, respond to a pop-up, download a file or just open an email. And all along you thought it was YOUR fault, right?

Surprised? You're not alone. So now that you know the truth, what do you do? Find out how to PROTECT yourself!

Look at it this way. Walk outside when it's raining and you'll get wet. But bring an umbrella and you're protected. You're computer is just as simple. All YOU have to know is WHAT needs protection.

There are five points of PC Protection. To prevent the problems more and more of us are experiencing every day, you should protect: your computer, your files, your online privacy, your email, credit card and bank account details, and your sanity! – By getting a membership to a PC Help Service with a team of technical experts trained to solve computer problems right over the Internet

Is this really necessary? Today, it's a must! Is it costly? No. Does it take downloading or installing five different pieces of software? Absolutely not. In fact, you can get all the protection you need from just one.

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Melih Abdulhayoglu
Founder, Comodo International.
Comodo is the world’s most innovative developer of Internet Security and PC Protection Software.