I Lost 10 Pounds without Going Hungry -- editor

I'm proud to say that I lost 4.5 kg in two Months and kept it off. Take your "before" pictures now. If you stick to this diet, you will slim down before spring, and you will not be hungry.

If I can do it, so can you! If one of your new year's resolutions is to shed a few kilos, may I recommend The Skinny on Losing Weight without Being Hungry by Louis J. Aronne, MD, and Alisa Bowman?

Or maybe you don't need to lose weight. (Congratulations.) You might still need to rearrange and trim down your FAT. The File Allocation Table gives your PC, digital camera or PDA a structure for storing the information on it.

Not surprisingly, an overstuffed FAT slows down your PC. Comodo System-Cleaner can help. Comodo System-Cleaner 2.2, which released in December, has some exciting new features to help you get your file storage under control, including Pend Delete.

When you get all psyched up to delete files, you do not want to see an error message saying "You cannot perform this action because this file is in use by another application." When the file you want to delete is in use, Pend Delete instantly deletes it, sending the application spinning out of control —just kidding!

In fact, the Pend Delete feature actually marks the file, and then either deletes it or moves it the next time you start your PC. How many users do you know who would pay for that feature? And with Comodo System-Cleaner 2.2, you can have it for free.

For more information about System-Cleaner 2.2, see What's New at Comodo.

Finally, I know that Comodo Monthly Insider readers enjoy online questionnaires. If one of your goals for 2010 is to keep up with the news, then test your knowledge with The Economist's weekly news quiz. Click on "Are You Well Red?"

Best wishes for the new year. -- editor