Comodo Recommends

Comodo is here for your protection, here are some helpful tips that can ensure your online safety:

  • Use strong authentication technology to secure your personal information
  • Make sure your important files are backed up
  • Be prepared if something goes wrong. Comodo can help you. We don't just detect viruses, we protect your PC
  • Ask yourself if you are getting the support you need. Sometimes viruses are very advanced and it can be tricky to fix the problem yourself. It's always recommended that you see an expert when things get serious.
  • Be sure that you set up your operating system properly and update regularly. Getting PC Tune-Ups ensures that your computer stays as safe, strong, and efficient as possible - plus it's free!
  • Have a powerful Firewall to ensure your utmost protection!

Now that you know these tips, you can be comfortable in knowing that you and your computer are safer than before. Comodo is here to help. We don't just protect against viruses. Comodo offers proactive protection and makes sure you are provided with the full package - Prevent. Detect. Cure.