GeekBuddy says

I recently received an email from a friend

Hi (my friend wrote)

I've recently started a new business in Leeds - designing and fitting bespoke kitchens. Visit our website to find out more:

My Dad ran the same business in Birmingham/London for 30 years, so I'm keeping it in the family and following in his footsteps!

I'd massively appreciate it if you would pass this on to any friends/family who might be interested (we mainly work in West Yorkshire, but can travel further a field).

Kind regards


Tim’s a great friend, but I was sorry to have to tell him that he had transgressed one of the 10 commandments of email:

Thou shalt not send emails exposing email addresses of many of thy friends in the to: line.

Using email to ask your friends to find you business is a fine thing. And if I know anyone in Yorkshire who wants a new kitchen with an Aga, I will definitely tell them to call Tim. But it is not ok to expose your friends’ email addresses. Somebody might forward that email to a scammer. Frankly, if you email like that, you look naïve.

Whether you’re forwarding a joke or sending a business email, address that email to yourself, and put all your friends in the bcc: line. Your friends will thank you.

Happy new year,