On Valentine's Day Comodo Wishes You Affection - Not Infection

If we think that everyone else has a Valentine card, we want one, too. Crackers take advantage of this. So they send us emails with coy subject lines like "Someone you know has sent you an e-card!" Those emails look innocent, but they contain virus software ready to install itself on our PCs.

If we open those emails, we get infections, not the affection we crave.

Valentine's Day, February 14, is the famous holiday dedicated to lovers. Some people are unlucky at love. Promiscuous lovers get too close to the wrong people. They pick up infections, and they pass them on to other people.

Computers do the same thing (they just don't enjoy it as much.) Our all-too-human desire to be close to others exposes us to viruses. Some of those viruses lodge in our bodies; some in our computers.

Sophisticated Internet users do not open online cards unless they check with the sender first. Calling your girlfriend to be sure she sent you a Valentine kills the buzz of the greeting. On the other hand, it beats spending an hour or two uninstalling a nasty Trojan or rootkit.

Enjoy this Valentine's Day safely. Interact with others, but do it prudently, please. Learn more about the hazards of e-cards in this article by Gregg Keizer. And be sure your Comodo Internet Security is up to date.