Online: Protect Info - Offline: Make It Available to Emergency Workers

Comodo Monthly Insider reader Clyde R. is a volunteer for the Mountain Valley (CA) Volunteer Fire Department.

Clyde and the Mountain Valley Volunteer Fire Department remind Comodo Monthly Insider readers about the importance of keeping personal information accessible for people they trust. While Comodo often reminds computer users to safeguard their confidential information on the Internet, the opposite may unfortunately be necessary in real life. If emergency personnel need your personal information, every second counts.

Keep your medical information handy just in case. This is especially true if you have a life-threatening condition such as diabetes or severe allergy. Wearing a medical tag alerts first responders to look for a card in your wallet. The card will tell them your name, your medications, and the name and telephone of an emergency contact.

For extra safety at home, ask your local fire department about the Vial of Life program. If fire, police or rescue squad personnel see the Vial of Life sticker on your window, they will look for a special container in your refrigerator, containing your medical history. This will help you get the care you need more quickly.

Thank you, Mountain Valley Volunteer Fire Department, and firefighters everywhere for keeping us safe.