Comodo Dragon Browser Tightens PC Security

Comodo Dragon is a new browser based on the Chromium Project open-source software. As you would expect from Comodo Security Solutions, Comodo Dragon has extra features to enhance your online security, including

With Comodo Dragon, information about your online exploration stays as much as possible within your PC . Comodo Dragon does not transmit information about your browsing session to a remote server. Such a transmission exposes information about where you've been on the Internet. For example, other Chromium Project-based browsers refer software errors to remote servers. When it finds software errors, Comodo Dragon responds with error messages found on the PC browser, keeping information about the user's Internet travels private.

Get your very own copy of Comodo Dragon at (Also available in a portable version.)

If Comodo Dragon interests you, keep your eyes on the Comodo Dragon section of the Comodo Forums, where we will have a new version based on Chromium 4, and a 64-bit version soon.