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I unsubscribed by mistake.

Please sign me up again.

Is there anywhere on your web site where I can subscribe?

Alan W.

Alan, everyone who has a hand in creating the Comodo Monthly Insider is so happy to learn that you enjoy the newsletter enough to resubscribe. Thank you! If you ever unsubscribe again, would you please visit and sign up there? – ed

It makes your editor particularly happy to know that people are reading and enjoying the Comodo Monthly Insider. Please send your comments to --ed

You folks planning an IPO anytime soon?

I'm hearing more buzz about your products on the message boards... This was from Yahoo finance...

...I don't know if they are a public company, but I got rid of my firewall and Anti-virus after doing a lot of reading. I have bought every top software program there is and none compare to the free Firewall by COMODO.

I would invest. Keep up the great work. Thanks

Andy, thanks for asking. Comodo is still privately-held. But keep reading the Comodo Monthly Insider! --ed