Case Study

Customer Success Story


Industry: Online Security Service for Travel Documents

Solution: Comodo Extended Validation (EV) SSL with Comodo Secured TrustMark

Stanley Cooper, President, Tait Collins Inc /

"At we take security very seriously and have implemented every reasonable effort to ensure the security of a subscribers' data and our systems. These security features apply to customer data, its transmission within our website, storage on our servers, and the overall security of our website and its data in general. We get a lot of people who are very concerned about entering their personal information. The green browser bar, available thanks to the Comodo EV SSL certificate, helps to win over and educate customers that our site is safe, as does display­ing Comodo's trustmark across the site."

The Challenge

Have you ever been traveling and caught in an emergency where vital travel documents were lost, stolen or damaged? Do you know anyone who had that experience? If so, you can recognize the value of is an e-business Web site providing subscribers an online and secure repository for all important documents utilized for travel purposes. This software tool is beneficial when a loss of important documents or a medical emergency occurs. Having the ability to go to a government embassy or consulate, or even a bank in a foreign country and provide irrefutable identification, may one day be invaluable. Should replacement documents ever be required, identification, speed and convenience of referencing online all of an individual's important travel-related documents will expedite the process. People using this service are very concerned with security and especially securing their most private personal documents and identification. But in order to safeguard these documents, customers must be able to trust that the site is safe and their information will be secure.

The Solution

While these potential trust concerns were very real for visitors needing to access and download information to the site, here's how the company addressed it and where Comodo helped secure and create trust online. Comodo Extended Validation (EV) SSL and the Comodo Secured Trustmark addressed this pressing issue. With an EV SSL Certificate a visitor's browser address bar turns green at the menu bar, providing visual reassurance that the site is trusted and the transaction data is encrypted.


Comodo Secure

The Result

Comodo EV SSL has helped build trust with its rapidly growing customer base, and increase the company's reputation as a secure and trusted e-commerce site. Travel agencies, tour operators and travel insurance underwriters – and other travel-related entities around the globe – are confident offering this service to their clients for protection and security of their most personal and confidential travel documents. Since world travelers have become increasingly security-conscious, even this already highly successful company found a valuable business advantage in upgrad­ing the security and trust features for its website.

"We have used Comodo since the very beginning and I have been extremely impressed with Comodo's customer support, which is second to none in my book. Because there's no length we won't go to in order to satisfy a customer's concern about the security of our site and Comodo has been there every step of the way for us "
Stanley Cooper, President, Tait Collins Inc /