Comodo Webinar about PCI DSS for Business

Small businesses may not keep close tabs on customer information, putting themselves at risk for fines, and their customers at risk for identity theft—and data thieves know it. Now Comodo offers a free webinar for businesses to learn more about how to protect themselves and their customers from data theft.

"(T)he SMBs, the small and medium businesses, they don't have the talent or the budget or the experience, so those poor companies are at a disadvantage in this kind of world..." said Jeff Moss, a former hacker recently sworn in to the Homeland Security Advisory Council, in an interview with Elinor Mills of CNET News. "You still need a certain amount of high-end talent if you want to be secure."

With Comodo, small and medium businesses can align themselves with world-class security expertise. The PCI DSS require the businesses to follow basic security practices and to scan their computer networks regularly to be sure that they are protected against hackers.

The webinar was held in August 2013.