Product News

Comodo Launches New Internet Security Checkmark Assuring Customer Confidence in All E-Commerce Transactions

Comodo has implemented a new logo design and seal, which customers can use on their websites protected by Comodo SSL CA certificates. The design, consistent with a similar check mark design on Comodo's firewalls products, is scheduled to rollout immediately and was created in order to reposition the check mark icon more prominently in bold green lettering on every site in order to assure customers the highest level of security protection.

These design changes extend Comodo's ability to help businesses and their customers secure and manage their most critical information. By creating the green check mark icon prominently featured within the letter “C”, it helps businesses conducting E-Commerce transactions on the Web to display a universal “seal of trust” for their customers to realize that the websites and transactions they are on are fully protected.

Another new addition to Comodo’s security seal options is a patent-pending Video TrustLogo. This provides a brief video on the value of SSL certificates delivered when a visitor clicks on the seal.Comodo believes that by giving visitors another medium to see the trust of a website, visitors will feel more confident.

With the integration of this new, trusted seal Comodo can deliver on its promise of making data protection more visible, intelligent and easy-to-manage for everyone.