Comodo Secures the Future of DNS with Launch of Authoritative DNS Service

Secure DNS

Acquisition of paves way for new choices in anycast DNS market, moves Comodo into the business of securing DNS

Comodo announced in January the acquisition of, the managed domain name system (DNS) services provider, and the launch of Comodo Authoritative DNS Service. will join the Comodo family of companies and the founding team including Dan Kimball, CEO of, will join Comodo and continue the development of the next generation of DNS services. Comodo offers a range of software products for enterprises to create trust online, including multi-factor authentication, and PCI/vulnerability scanning.

" offers unique integrated services and Internet business solutions that makes this a perfect fit for Comodo's expansion in the security arena as well as accommodating Comodo's partner-resellers," said Melih Abdulhayoglu,CEO and chief security architect. "We are delighted to add into the mix of our security arsenal providing our customers an added dimension of security service." plays a keys role in directing and managing Internet traffic, including the availability and security of websites and email. The company's global network of name servers helps visitors get improved performance from websites, content, and applications, ensuring that websites perform optimally.

Kimball says, "Your online experience relies heavily on DNS to operate. Comodo is here to make DNS better. We are excited to leverage Comodo's global infrastructure and processes to build up the most cutting edge DNS solutions on the market. As we help businesses scale to meet demand, customers will now benefit from Comodo's extensive resources and security expertise."

Surveying the marketplace, recognized that aligning itself with an innovator in the security world created the greatest opportunity to engage the development of secure, robust, and cost-effective business solutions to serve a rapidly growing online audience. has recently scaled its infrastructure, adding six new nodes for a total of 14 edge locations. The company continues to partner with leading registrars and web hosting providers to outsource those organizations' DNS infrastructure and offer advanced DNS options to their customers. offers packages based on queries per month.

This acquisition gives Comodo the ability to immediately roll out secured DNS to the company's large base of business customers who require such a solution.'s managed, hosted service means there is no infrastructure for a company to build or deploy. Customers will have full access to's 14 global anycast edge nodes, easy to use Web based control panel, and JSON API.

For more information on the authoritative DNS solutions available through Comodo please visit: or