2009's Biggest Data Disasters

1. Heartland Payment Systems

2. National Archive and Records Administration

3. CheckFree

Although 2009 had fewer data breaches than previous years, the number of actual compromised records skyrocketed, according to Forbes. Up from 35 million records in 2008 to 220 million records in 2009, the increase in compromised records is over six times as high as last year.

An article published recently by Forbes magazine has the details of 2009 in Data Breaches.

"Glance at 2009's data breach statistics, and you might think the IT world had scored a rare win in the endless struggle against cybercrime."

Here are two things you can do to prevent a data breach:

1. Incorporate a strong encryption on your site

2. Regularly test your server for vulnerabilities

Comodo CA can help you with both using state-of-the-art encryption to secure your website and its HackerGuardian scanning services to detect any security hole that could reside on your server. HackerGuardian also provides mitigation advice for patching found vulnerabilities.

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