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Comodo Security Solutions, Inc.
Information Collection for Products and Services

For Comodo Security Solutions, Inc. (“CSS”), product and services, certain information is collected for performance and functionality. This may include information such as product installation and install status, product uninstallation, product update(s) and update status; performance data, operating system information such as type, language, platform and service pack; GUI language(s) used in Comodo products; product launch; and time of browsing activity with Comodo Browsers, and user consent to data collection.

Further additional information may be collected with your consent for CSS products and services. This is to improve the performance, compatibility, and functionality of our products and services. Such information may include: installed product version(s) and product identification; information and settings on any default browsers or browsers installed as well as third party extensions, add-ons, or plug-ins; installed software; application language(s), application execution time, install options; activity, use, time of web browsing activity, running applications, system shutdowns, restart events, and crash reports.

Certain CSS products, such as Comodo Cloud Antivirus, during installation or usage, will ask if you want to submit programs and files for behavioral analysis. If you are consenting to the submission of this information to Comodo, the products may automatically submit to Comodo any files or programs that are identified as potential malware or unknown, including information on the actions taken by such files. The collected files could contain personally identifiable information that has been obtained from the file. Files of this type, such as portable executable format or dll, are being collected by Comodo only for the purpose of improving the ability of Comodo’s products to detect malicious behavior. Comodo will not correlate these files with any personally identifiable information.

With Comodo’s Search Protect feature, if any application attempts to change your search settings, Comodo is collecting the following: the browser name that is attempting to change your search settings; the application path that is trying to change search; the SHA1 hash of the file, whether the you accepted or rejected the change in search. This allows Comodo to analyze files in an anti-virus lab without requiring files to be uploaded and determined if the files are malicious in nature if received from some other sources.

For Comodo’s GeekBuddy Product and Services, with your authorization, Comodo may access your computers and/or devices and delete the files that Comodo deems unnecessary to your computers’ operation. Your authorization is a grant to Comodo of express permission to alter the registry of any computer receiving the GeekBuddy services and to install, configure, and use additional software on your computers as Comodo sees fit. You authorize Comodo to initiate internet chat and remote desktop sharing sessions.

By your acceptance of the GeekBuddy Product and Services End User License Agreement and subscription terms and by your use of the service, you authorize Comodo to send notifications to your computer for initiating a new session, or continuing closed, disconnected or abandoned sessions to show you potential unresolved problems. You also authorize Comodo to provide a free diagnostic report with a follow up alert message to initiate a chat session to resolve the potential issues identified.

The GeekBuddy Product and Services obtain information regarding Windows Event Monitor Logs and registry, and you authorize Comodo to access this information from your computer at all times, even without connection to a Comodo support representative. This information is used for diagnostics of your computer and to generate the free diagnostic reports.

With the GeekBuddy Product and Services, Comodo may send you communications regarding your account, the services, or its other products and services. By accepting the GeekBuddy end user license agreement, you consent to receiving marketing material from Comodo and its affiliates. You may withdraw this consent later and opt-out of receiving communication not directly related to the services by emailing

Comodo may collect any information necessary to ensure your compliance with the GeekBuddy end user license agreement and terms of service. Comodo may also collect non-personally identifiable information about your use of the services, which Comodo may use without restriction. Comodo may monitor and record the services, including any online sessions. These recordings are primarily for improving customer service, internal training, and internal market research. Comodo may disclose these recordings and any other information to satisfy any law, regulation or other governmental request, to operate the services properly, or to protect ourselves and/or Comodo’s customers.

Last Updated: July 1, 2016