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Relying Party Complaints Procedure


Comodo is a Certification Authority and has a contractual responsibility to issue digital certificates (SSL and TrustLogo products) to Subscribers (end entity web sites) under the provisions stated within the Certificate Practice Statement (CPS). At the point of issuance Comodo asserts that it has validated in accordance to the practices stated within the CPS for each product type. This assertion states that the domain name used in the application is the legal property, or has been duly licensed / provided to, the Subscriber and the Subscriber is a legally accountable entity.

During application the Subscriber must provide certain information for use in the validation process. Part of this information may be present within the issued digital certificate in order to meet the EU directive for a Fully Qualified Certificate and may be viewed by double clicking the SSL padlock or clicking the TrustLogo image. Information not displayed through either of these methods falls under the Data Protection Act and is not publicly available.

The Subscriber may use the Comodo SSL and TrustLogo services within the stipulations of the Subscriber Agreement. Such stipulations do not allow the Subscriber to use the services to breach local legislation or trading laws.

As a person relying on the Comodo services you are protected under the Relying Party Agreement and have the right to report an alleged breach of service agreement by a Subscriber. Comodo will investigate the complaint and take action accordingly.

If you have a complaint against any Subscriber please contact with the following information:

  1. Your full name, address and contact details and business name, address and business details if applicable
  2. Nature & background of complaint
  3. URL and business details of Subscriber (e.g. site for which you are making a complaint)
  4. Dates / times of alleged illegal behavior

Please note that Comodo requires legally admissible evidence to consolidate any complaint made against a Subscriber. For further advice please contact