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PRODUCT End of life:
Steve Corsale

Steve C

Steve Corsale, MCSA
VP, Customer Success
Customer Success Operations

Dear Customers,

Comodo is announcing the end of life (EOL) of some products. The primary reason for implementing this EOL is due to the recent company strategy to optimize product specification and offering in order to meet market and customer requirements.

We are providing this notice to provide visibility for this discontinuation and to minimize its impact.


The following products are included in this EOL announcement. These products no longer have development teams behind them, nor do they have any further support.

Effective Date

These products are EOL as of November 2020, they will not have support after this date. Effective immediately, Comodo cannot accept new orders for the above-referenced products.


We value our relationship with you. If you have any questions or if we can be assistant in any transition, please call your Comodo Account Manager or Customer Success Representative as needed.

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