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Our mission is to exceed our partner’s expectation of delivering the Optimal Partner Experience while Protecting the Customers you Serve.
Keep it smart and simple
Comodo offers you differentiating technology to protect your customers business while driving recurring revenue at the lowest cost of operations.
The Partner Experience
Comodo’s Partner Program was designed to provide our partners with the key tools and services required for an optimal partner experience that enables ongoing partner revenue growth and peace of mind for your clients.

Partner Program Overview

MSPs help eliminate the perceived risks of adopting critical-business managed services such as security, while positioning themselves as a trusted advisor and lifecycle partner to their customers. With the shift to the cloud, the dynamics of how SMB and mid-size enterprises acquire new technology and functionality has been transformative, yet that has never been truer today, than to the channels that serve these businesses.
Managed Service Providers (MSPs) have quickly risen as the trusted advisor with their advanced sticky services and capabilities that help fill the entry level to advanced security requirements of small- to mid-market businesses while allowing them to concentrate on what they know best, running their own business without the concern of a business intrusion event occurring.
Why become a Comodo Partner?
One word: auto-containment. Okay, it’s kind of two words, but our patent-pending auto-containment technology is the only cybersecurity platform in the world that stops 100% of known and unknown threats. Auto-containment sits at the core of our AEP offering, and gives you the tools needed to grow your business and protect your customers.
That’s not enough? Here’s some more reasons the Comodo Partner Program is head-and-shoulders above the field.
Faster Response for
Accelerating Greater Growth in Time-To-Revenue
Success for our Partners
Peace of Mind for
Your Customers

Partner Enablement

When you partner with Comodo, we equip you for success. Unlike other security programs, Comodo backs up our enablement efforts with free access to our Partner Secure Portal, and provides sales resources to help you effectively sell.

Sales Training

Security products can be complicated and hard to differentiate to consumers. We help simplify the sales process & messaging, and can even support you with generated leads. Close more deals with product discounts, eLearning, and free demos.

Marketing Support

We help you deliver the right message to your customers. In addition, enjoy direct input on campaigns and promotions, co-branded collateral, product launch kits, and use of the Comodo Partner Secured Badge for your website.

Product Training

Technical product training is provided for our product portfolio. Training certifications are issued when you meet certain criteria so we can ensure our partnership is as robust as possible. We also require that we work with you on business planning and forecasting, accepted terms and conditions, and end user/ POS reporting.
Comodo Partner Reviews
Don’t just take our words for it. Our clients are our biggest supporters.
Would you like to know what they think about us?
Faustine Ebangha
Co-Founder and Channel Sales Director at ARFA Technology
Comodo’s platform offers advanced endpoint protection and auto-containment, plus antivirus and other functionalities. With just a single SKU our customers have comprehensive cybersecurity solutions.
Christopher Phillips
Co-Founder & Director of Cyber Operations, ADSS Cybersecurity
We researched multiple security firms such as CrowdStrike and F-Secure and found that they didn’t offer protection that was equal to Comodo.
Steve Smith
Head of Cyber Sales at Westcoast Limited
Comodo offers our customers compelling differentiation in a saturated marketplace, and a solution with which to approach their clients who are likely tired of failing, legacy solutions.
Nick Masters
Support Manager, Teleos Systems
We cannot stress enough how important it is for us to offer the most innovative cyber breach protection to our customers.

Ready to earn more and protect your customers?

Comodo offers you differentiating technology to protect your customers business while driving recurring revenue at the lowest cost of operations.
Ready to earn more and
protect your customers?
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