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SSL Certificate Provider Comodo PSOFT offer a preview of the ´Universal´ web host control panel´

H-Sphere 2.5 Beta features increased flexibility for customers, increased control for hosting companies.

October 13th 2005 New York. Comodo’s Web Hosting and server automation division PSOFT, today released a private beta version of their flagship control panel, H-Sphere. Feature enhancements can now be previewed and fully tested by partners. Version 2.5 Beta 1 introduces a range of new features which extend the services that hosting providers deliver to customers and partners. Highlights include Microsoft Exchange Hosting, dedicated server billing, native load balancing and bandwidth tracking for web and mail servers, Cobalt RaQ migration tools and support for PayPal Website Payments Pro. H-Sphere is widely recognized as uniquely suited to meet the demands of enterprise level hosting operation. It offers a complete client control panel, an admin interface, private label reselling, built-in SSL Certificate management tools, virtual private servers, integrated billing, trouble ticket system and powerful clustering capabilities – even allowing the management of multiple Linux, FreeBSD & Win200x servers in one centralized cluster. The addition of Microsoft Exchange hosting is particularly relevant to the shared hosting environment. Hosts that are unable to go to the expense of a full Exchange server can now purchase per user accounts directly through their H-Sphere control panel. This is In addition to the existing Linux web and mail capabilities, enables hosting companies using H-Sphere to offer the most complete selection of hosting options to customers. Native load balancing and traffic monitoring builds upon one of the cornerstones of H-Sphere – its scalability. As hosting operations expand, the importance of highly available infrastructures becomes ever more important both for customers who rely on the infrastructure and also to the hosts own reputation in the market. The H-Sphere 2.5 interface now enables administrators to visualize load balanced server clusters and set master-slave relations between servers in such clusters – easing the task of identifying and resolving potential bandwidth bottlenecks. ‘By being responsive to the needs of our customers, we aim to create the ‘Universal Control Panel’ – one that maximizes the options web-hosts can offer to their customers whilst delivering utmost power and control to the administrator. With H-Sphere, webhosts no longer have to mix ‘n’ match software to create their offering or their management infrastructure.’, commented Igor Seletskiy, Technical Director. Upgrade instructions and the complete list of new features and fixes can be found at: For more information, please visit or call + 1.888.COMODO1

About Comodo

Comodo is a leading global provider of security, authentication and assurance services for the Internet. Today, more than 150,000 customers in over 100 countries rely on Comodo to create trust in online transactions through distinct solutions that address the digital E-Commerce and infrastructure needs of enterprises. Powered by Comodo’s Digital Trust Lab (DTL), Comodo is helping enterprises around the world improve customer relationships, enhance customer trust and create efficiencies across their digital E-Commerce operations. Comodo’s industry leading solutions include integrated Web Hosting Management Solutions, Infrastructure Services, digital E-Commerce services, Digital Certificate , Identity Assurance, customer privacy and vulnerability management solutions. For more information, visit Comodo – Creating Trust Online® – . Comodo can be reached on + 1.888.266.6361 or + 1.703.581.6361
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