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Now film enthusiasts can go direct to movie websites with TrustToolbar

Comodo secure directory now includes Film titles for trusted web access
TrustToolbar displays company details to verify legitimate websites

Kent, UK, 14 February 2002. Security and e-commerce specialist, Comodo, has now extended the Trusted directory behind its powerful Internet Explorer TrustToolbar to include over 3000 film titles. Now film enthusiasts can go straight to the official website of any film in the directory simply by typing the word ‘movie’ followed by its title into the navigation box of TrustToolbar.

TrustToolbar is an Internet Explorer plug-in, FREE to end users, that allows them to navigate directly to a website using common-sense information already associated with a company and its products. These include brands (such as Fujitsu, Boots, Tesco) and trademarks (such as Coca-Cola, No. 7, Sunny Delight) as well the Company Name (such as Microsoft Corp, Abbey National plc) – no need to know or use the company URL!

Now this is extended to film titles giving enthusiasts direct access to official film sites with confidence, because Trust Toolbar verifies the legal name of the company behind the site, and displays it. For example just enter ‘movie lord of the rings’, ‘movie behind enemy lines’, ‘movie black hawk down’, etc to be taken directly to the official website.

Domain names and URLs are confusing and often meaningless to the customer – they have a better chance of navigating to a website using the everyday names they know! TrustToolbar provides users with a faster, friendlier and common sense way of navigating to a website.TrustToolbar also incorporates access to keyword searches for products and services with fast access to multiple search engines directly from a single entry. Trust Toolbar technology protects users against web spoofing, fake address bar, on top attacks and semantic / obscured url attacks.

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Editors and reviewers note:- please call Pathway PR if you would like a more formal presentation, or if you would like to discuss distributing TrustToolbar. The plug-in is free to your readers, but could be a source of revenue for your publication.

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