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Comodo Research Lab Cryptography Department announce the availability of MIST: An Efficient, Randomized Exponentiation Algorithm for Resisting Power Analysis

Kent, UK, 21 February 2002. The Comodo Research Lab Cryptography Department, headed by Dr Colin Walter, are today pleased to announce the availability of MIST: a groundbreaking algorithm allowing Smart Cards to resist differential power analysis (DPA). The MIST publication abstract is available below, and the full paper is available here.

MIST Publication Abstract:

The Mist algorithm generates randomly different addition chains for performing a particular exponentiation. This means that power attacks which require averaging over a number of exponentiation power traces becomes impossible. Moreover, attacks which are based on recognising repeated use of the same pre-computed multipliers during an individual exponentiation are also infeasible. The algorithm is particularly well suited to cryptographic functions which depend on exponentiation and which are implemented in embedded systems such as smart cards. It is more efficient than the normal square-and-multiply algorithm and uses less memory than 4-ary exponentiation.

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