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Comodo Offers Free Forensic Analysis to Uncover Zero-day Malware Lurking on Enterprise Endpoints and Networks

SANTA CLARA‚ Calif.&mdash Oct. 26‚ 2016 — Zero–day malware – new malware that has never been seen before – continues to plague businesses of all sizes. Millions of these unknown files are being crafted or modified each year. They cannot be detected by existing security systems; they hide on endpoints and networks and remain among the most important and effective tools hackers use. To aid in the fight against cyberattacks, Comodo®, a global innovator and developer of cybersecurity solutions, today announced a new, free forensic analysis service for enterprises. Comodo Forensic Analysis can help enterprises discover previously unknown and undetected malware that could ultimately cause serious cybersecurity issues, including a data breach. “Underpinned by Comodo’s industry-leading Default Deny Platform, this is the only forensic analysis that can examine 100 percent of all files, including unknown ones, and determine if they are good or bad,” said John Peterson, vice president and general manager, Comodo Enterprise. “We are offering this forensic analysis free to businesses, to help them uncover unknown malware in their environments and see for themselves the power of Comodo’s default deny technology.” Comodo’s forensic analysis service, part of its Advanced Endpoint Protection solution, utilizes the award-winning Default Deny Platform. In contrast to other security solutions that rely on known bad file indicators and allow unknown files to execute on endpoints by default, Comodo’s technology prevents unknown files from executing with automatic containment and a complete forensic analysis resulting in a good or bad verdict on every file. The result is a true deterministic decision, identifying 100 percent of the files as good or bad, without any unknowns, including previously undiscovered malware. It is clear that the traditional anti&ndashvirus industry has not been able to identify malware and create signatures fast enough to keep up. According to Gartner Research, “When 44% of reference customers for EPP solutions have been successfully compromised, it is clear that the industry is failing in its primary goal: blocking malicious infections.”1 Traditional attempts to isolate malware at the endpoint use a default allow approach and resource&ndashintensive virtualization/sandboxing technologies that reduce endpoint performance. These have proven unworkable in most deployments. Comodo’s Default Deny Platform is the only solution that can achieve 100 percent verdicting quickly, owing to two distinguishing capabilities. First, as the No. 1 provider of internet security certificates, Comodo has the industry’s best visibility into known good and bad software, which dramatically speeds up the analysis process. Second, and most important, unknown files are escalated to Valkyrie, Comodo’s cloud&ndashbased file analysis tool, which renders a rapid verdict on whether the file is good or bad—no assumptions. A unique aspect of Valkyrie is that it combines automatic static and dynamic file analysis supported by human intelligence when needed for a full forensic analysis of all files, ensuring 100 percent of unknown files are correctly identified. Comodo’s forensic analysis provides actionable results. The downloadable executive summary provides detailed information on the risks uncovered by the file analysis; this assessment gives IT security professionals the exact information they need to protect their environments from advanced persistent threats (APTs) and other cyberattacks. To register for a free Comodo Forensic Analysis, visit: Comodo’s Advanced Endpoint Protection, based on its unique, true Default Deny Platform, allows the known good files, blocks the known bad files, and then isolates the unknown files in automatic containment in a virtual environment on the endpoint. Usability is never impacted, and the endpoint and network are always protected and secure. More information is available online at To learn more, join Comodo (@ComodoNews) this Thursday, Oct. 27, 1 p.m. PST for a Live Q&A Twitter Chat as part of National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Dr. Kenneth Geers, senior research scientist at Comodo and ambassador of NATO, will address the 99 percent Protection Paradox and how the more you know, the more secure you’ll be. About Comodo The Comodo organization is a global innovator of cybersecurity solutions (SSL Certificates, Virus Removal software, Endpoint Security software, RMM tool etc)‚ protecting critical information across the digital landscape. Building on its unique position as the world’s largest certificate authority‚ Comodo authenticates‚ validates and secures networks and infrastructures from individuals‚ to mid-sized companies‚ to the world’s largest enterprises. Comodo provides complete end-to-end security solutions across the boundary‚ internal network and endpoint with innovative technologies solving the most advanced malware threats‚ both known and unknown. With global headquarters in New Jersey and branch offices in Silicon Valley‚ Comodo has 12 international offices and R&D centers across Europe and Asia. Comodo and the Comodo brand are trademarks of the Comodo Group Inc. or its affiliates in the U.S. and other countries. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners. The current list of Comodo trademarks and patents is available at Keep up to date with the latest Comodo News from the Comodo blog at and on Twitter @ComodoNews. Connect with Comodo on LinkedIn at Media Contact: Deb Montner Montner Tech PR 203-226-290
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