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Clifton, NJ – July 22, 2020 – Comodo and MyPcFriends today announced their strategic partnership. MyPcFriends an IT support and solutions firm has partnered with Comodo to expand its security services offering for customers.

“MyPcFriends offers technical advice and solutions tailored for the individual needs of each customer, with quick response and excellent service, “said Alfredo Rapetta COO, MyPcFriends. He continued, “With more than 15 years in IT Support, our highly qualified team is known for its acumen with finding the industry’s best innovations and technology trends and mapping them to our customers’ needs. Comodo’s solutions exceed our rigorous standards and allow us to offer a wide variety of world-class products to our clients.”

MyPcFriends was originally looking for an antivirus provider, but ultimately chose Comodo’s Dragon platform with Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP), which is a complete cloud-native framework that delivers a zero-trust architecture to protect & defend endpoints. Its patent-pending auto containment technology is the world’s only active breach protection that renders ransomware, malware and cyber-attacks useless.

Alfredo continued, “When we first saw what Comodo is offering to partners, a lightbulb went off in my head as to all the new and robust solutions we could make available to our customers. We’re attracting many new customers with an entire digital security ecosystem, one that can evolve with the future needs of our customers.”

“Partnership with Comodo means we’re dedicated to getting your business the most value in a security offering” said Alan Knepfer, President and Chief Revenue Officer at Comodo. “We are committed to helping MyPcFriends and its clients receive solutions that are customized to fit their requirements.”



We are a leading company in computerized and digital technical service, with cutting-edge technology that allows us the programming and repair of your computer. Our services are easily accessible to our customers since these can be found online or face-to-face at a very low cost.

Our cutting-edge service is the remote monitoring and maintenance of computers, guaranteeing our customers’ devices are in optimal conditions under the supervision of our highly trained staff. If you need online advice, you can request it from the comfort of your home and get it in record time.

In My Pc Friends, we want to be that friend you call in the most difficult moments, to help with technical problems you can’t solve. Our goal is to facilitate with technical service to individuals and the general public, becoming the digital technical service of your choice. For more information visit



Comodo delivers next generation cybersecurity solutions to protect businesses, schools, and government organizations in today’s risk filled business environment. Headquartered in Clifton NJ, Comodo’s global development team and threat intelligence laboratories deliver innovative, category leading, solutions for a company’s endpoints, network boundary, and internal network security.

Thousands of companies and organizations rely on Comodo’s technology to authenticate, validate, and secure their most precious asset—information—and to combat constant cyberattacks and threats like ransomware from wreaking havoc on a global scale. For more information about Comodo’s partner program, visit


Carolyn Muzyka

VP, Marketing, Comodo
+1 888 551 1531

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