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Condyn, a leading vendor of risk and fraud prevention solutions, become the first to offer Comodo’s advanced endpoint threat prevention platform to South African enterprise and SMB clients.

CLIFTON, NJ February 04, 2020 – Comodo, a global innovator and developer of cybersecurity solutions, today announced a new partnership with Condyn (Pty) Ltd., a provider of best-in-class security, productivity and data protection solutions to South Africa and selected other African markets (Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Zambia, Mauritius, and Malawi). The partnership allows Condyn to promote Comodo’s portfolio of security and threat-intelligence to South Africa and neighboring territories.

The Comodo platform is the world’s only ‘Active Breach Protection’ platform. Built on a portfolio of patent pending technologies, Comodo uses the three pillars of endpoint security, managed detection and response, and network/perimeter security, to implement a highly secure, ‘zero-trust’ protection framework on customer networks. Their ‘never trust, always verify’ approach means all network traffic is continuously inspected, that every file is treated as potential malware, and every user viewed as a possible threat agent.

Only after proving themselves trustworthy are these actors given network or endpoint access. This prevents breaches and infections from day-zero malware, minimizing risk and removing security complexity for clients. This contrasts with platforms whose security is derived from detecting already-known threats, an approach destined to fail.

“We are delighted to forge this new relationship with Condyn and look forward to years of mutual success with a partner who truly understands the unique challenges of the African market.”, said Fatih Orhan, SVP of Technology at Comodo. “We’ve seen tremendous adoption from MSPs across the globe, who are taking advantage of our platform to help clients of all sizes to reduce licensing fees, improve security and increase business performance. As a long-established and successful IT solutions provider, Condyn has demonstrated it has the market knowledge, technical expertise, and relentless drive to tailor our services to the needs of their clients.”

“Comodo’s active breach protection platform offers our clients an unparalleled level of security and a truly ‘set-and-forget’ experience which is unique in the industry”, said Jorina Van Rensburg, CEO of Condyn. “We are elated to partner with Comodo and proud to offer a platform that actually takes security seriously and delivers on its promise!”

Built upon a next generation, default-deny technology, Comodo’s platform completely neutralizes malware, unknown files and ransomware, rendering them useless against endpoints and networks. Battle-tested on over 85 million endpoints worldwide, the technology has a very small endpoint footprint and provides complete and affordable protection for enterprises both large and small. Users can find out more at

About Condyn

Condyn is focused on fraud and risk solutions within any organization. Moving into the unique space of fraud and risk solutions was a natural evolution for Condyn having a strong background in information. Our philosophy is to stay ahead of the threat and to anticipate future trends in fraud and risks. Making sure your business remains your business, is our business.

Our approach is to listen to customers’ challenges, analyze world market trends, and adapt our approach after carefully evaluating the challenges and trends in line with the global market, specifically tailored to the needs of the African market, with the support of world leaders in information fraud and risk avoidance.
+27 (12) 683 8816

About Comodo Security Solutions, Inc.

Comodo delivers next generation cybersecurity solutions to protect businesses, schools, and government organizations in today’s risk filled business environment. Headquartered in Clifton NJ, Comodo’s global development team and threat intelligence laboratories deliver innovative, category leading, solutions for a company’s endpoints, network boundary, and internal network security.

Thousands of companies and organizations rely on Comodo’s technology to authenticate, validate, and secure their most precious asset—information—and to combat constant cyberattacks and threats like ransomware from wreaking havoc on a global scale.
+1 888 551 1531

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