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Clifton, NJ – August 13, 2020 – Comodo and ADSS Cyber Security today announced their strategic partnership. ADSS Cyber Security, a provider of managed security, cybersecurity consulting, cyber intelligence and security awareness training chose to partner with Comodo in order to transition from a Managed Service Provider (MSP) to a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP).

“Our customers shouldn’t have to worry about cyber threats and so our mission is to provide the most advanced security tools operated by a highly trained staff. To accomplish this, we partner exclusively with global leaders in the security industry, like Comodo,” said Christopher Phillips, Co-Founder & Director of Cyber Operations, ADSS Cybersecurity.

ADSS Cyber Security started out as an MSP offering AVAST’s CloudCare platform. The company searched for a different solution for their core managed solutions stack while planning the transition to MSSP. After a year of research, trial and error, they chose Comodo.

Philips continued, “To successfully transition to an MSSP, we needed to provide the most solid security solutions available. We researched multiple security firms such as CrowdStrike and F-Secure and found that they didn’t offer protection that was equal to Comodo. After numerous tests, Comodo’s Dragon platform was the only solution that came out on top, and even when we tried to trick the software, it still offered great protection.”

ADSS Cyber Security chose Comodo’s Dragon platform with Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP), which is a complete cloud-native framework that delivers a zero-trust architecture to protect and defend endpoints. Its patent-pending auto containment technology has active breach protection that neutralizes ransomware, malware and cyber-attacks. The auto containment runs an unknown executable in a kernel API virtualized mode, thereby offering attack surface reduction (ASR) which neutralizes ransomware attacks. The Dragon Platform also utilizes a Default Deny security posture with Default Allow usability to provide the most comprehensive protection against zero-day threats, while having no impact on end-user experience or workflows. In addition, Comodo’s Valkyrie analyzes and gives a trusted verdict for every file – no other company will analyze and give trusted verdict for 100% of the files on a network

“We initially chose to work with Comodo because of the incredible auto containment technology, but we’re benefiting from the entire platform of security solutions, which enabled us to offer streamlined and extensive protection for our clients. We feel safe knowing that our clients are protected by the best,” said Phillips. Comodo’s platform shares intelligence and is therefore more secure than disparate products that claim best of breed but don’t share information. Comodo has architected its cybersecurity product to maximize intelligent sharing between every component of the platform, therefore providing superior security.

ADSS Cyber Security also chose Comodo’s next-gen SOC-as-a-platform (SOCaaP)™, which includes people, process and technology and offers full white label capability for any MSSP or enterprise. The platform saves partners time and money, with zero capital outlay. “Comodo made it incredibly easy for us to add managed security services to our portfolio. Without Comodo, we would have had needed substantial capital investment for staff, software and infrastructure,” continued Phillips.

Alan Knepfer, President and Chief Revenue Office at Comodo said, “We’re ready to help companies meet the explosive demand for managed security services. Our platform makes it possible to for an MSP to become an MSSP with one click and with zero capital outlay.”


Welcome to ADSS Cyber Security Limited, the security team you can trust when things go wrong. Based out of London and the Midlands, we offer a nationwide consultancy and advisory service as well as our ADSS Cyber SOC Solution.

Why should you choose us? We aren’t your ordinary security provider. We take the time to listen to you, and your needs. We are then able to use our skeleton packages to build you the security you need and want. No longer are you forced into buying solutions your organization doesn’t need.

What can we offer? – Cyber Advisory and Consultancy. – ADSS Cyber Security Intelligence package. – Cyber Awareness Training. – Simulated Phishing packages. – ADSS Cyber SOC.

Do you need a security solution managed by a team of highly trained individuals? Come and have a look at ADSS Cyber SOC – a brand new Security Operations Centre built to protect our clients from advanced cyber threats. Coupled with the latest and greatest technology as well as highly trained staff, we can increase your threat protection tenfold. Get in touch with us today and find out how we can protect you from the unknown.


Comodo delivers next generation cybersecurity solutions to protect businesses, schools, and government organizations in today’s risk filled business environment. Headquartered in Clifton NJ, Comodo’s global development team and threat intelligence laboratories deliver innovative, category leading, solutions for a company’s endpoints, network boundary, and internal network security.

Thousands of companies and organizations rely on Comodo’s technology to authenticate, validate, and secure their most precious asset—information—and to combat constant cyberattacks and threats like ransomware from wreaking havoc on a global scale. For more information about Comodo’s partner program, visit

Carolyn Muzyka
VP, Marketing, Comodo
+1 888 551 1531

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