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Comodo System-Cleaner Now Includes File, Registry Monitor

Jersey City, NJ, October 29, 2009 – If only cleaning the office refrigerator were as easy as using Comodo System-Cleaner 2.1 on a sluggish PC.

Like co-workers’ leftovers, deleted and uninstalled files leave remnants of themselves behind, making it harder for computer CPUs to store the information they need. Comodo System-Cleaner identifies and removes these relics, swiftly freeing up space and memory for new applications.

Software is often easy to install, prompting the computer user for everything it needs to run successfully on a PC. On the other hand, when the user decides that the software is no longer (or never was) useful and wants to uninstall it, the process is much more complex. The software may leave bits and pieces of itself to molder in obscure corners of the PC registry, like leftovers strewing sandwich bags or withered apples behind.

Comodo System-Cleaner’s new file and registry monitor tracks the use of files in the registry, noting when a file was last used and whether it has been uninstalled. This real-time inventory makes cleaning rapid and thorough.

Users can benefit from Comodo System-Cleaner’s update service, constantly checking for updates from its application database.

Like many of Comodo’s tools for PCs, Comodo System-Cleaner is available free over the Internet at

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