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Southbridge Savings Bank Chooses Comodo Authentication

Opts for authentication that is as highly rated as it is easy to use

Jersey City, NJ (June 28, 2007) – Comodo, a global leader in Identity and Trust Assurance Management solutions, today announced that Southbridge Savings Bank (SSB), located in Southbridge, Massachusetts, has chosen Comodo to deliver online authentication to its members. Comodo Authentication includes Two Factor Authentication using a client certificate for authenticating the user to the institution, Comodo’s Content Verification Certificate (CVC) to protect key content from being spoofed by a phisher, an EV SSL Certificate for online visual authentication of a site’s identity, and Email Certificate to provide digital signatures and encryption to internal Email correspondence.

SSB previously had a different authentication solution in place; however, after conducting its due diligence and considering the usability, security, and authentication concerns of its customers, SSB decided to deploy Comodo Authentication as a best practice solution. Comodo Authentication will deliver a more user-friendly and easily-deployed solution, utilizing the PKI-based TF/client certificate technology that is recognized as a best practice method in online security.

As an added enhancement, SSB will protect its key site content with Comodo’s Content Verification Certificates (CVCs). CVCs are an innovative tool created and provided only by Comodo that act as a powerful weapon against phishers.

“The adage that ‘the customer is always right’ has never been more potent than it is in online banking,” said Todd Tallman, VP and CFO of Southbridge Savings Bank. “If you don’t deliver a pleasant, highly-secure user experience, your customers go elsewhere. We heard their concerns, and we responded by choosing Comodo.”

Comodo Authentication is an effective low-cost solution that is easily configured and quickly deployed. Because Comodo Authentication is based on established PKI infrastructure and digital certificate lifecycle management processes, operating costs are greatly reduced. Further, PKI is recognized as one of the most secure and mature security platforms, and satisfies the FFIEC requirements for online authentication.

Comodo Authentication Overview

Two Factor Client Certificates

Two Factor certificates are one of the lowest-cost solutions due to Comodo’s established PKI infrastructure and digital certificate lifecycle management processes. TF certificates are one of the easiest solutions to adopt and do not require members to alter their banking behavior once their DigitalID has been created. Members can continue to use their existing usernames and passwords.

The implementation of a Two Factor authentication solution provides ease of integration, ease of adoption by SSB’s members, and ease of configuration. With Comodo TF, SSB can support a high-performance two-factor solution while reducing operating costs.

Content Verification Certificates (CVC)

The second part of the Comodo Authentication model includes Comodo’s unique Content Verification Certificates that protect web content to authenticate a site’s identity. This is the only digital certificate on the market today that protects against man-in-the middle attacks, phishing, and pharming by delivering a non-browser “green good to go” indicator confirming the site’s identity. With this technology, SSB’s members can verify SSB’s sites identity using a reader (VerificationEngine) which can be freely downloaded.

EV SSL Certificate

This new SSL certificate class provides encryption and authentication of business identities with a new confirming green indicator in the address bar delivered through the browser interface. EV SSL Certificates provide a new level of identity assurance for online customers and are a critical component of a fully integrated identity and trust assurance best practices approach to a trusted online business experience. The URL of the authenticated site turns green and displays the credentials of both the site owner and the Certification Authority that provided the certificate.

Email Certificates

Comodo Email Certificates will be used internally by SSB to ensure the authenticity of Emails within the financial institution’s Email system.

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About Southbridge Savings Bank

Southbridge Savings Bank first opened its doors in 1848 to the first depositor, Ms. Fanny Richardson of Brookfield. In August of the same year the bank granted its first mortgage to local blacksmith Charles E. Cady in the Sandersdale section of Southbridge. The group of founders, which included prominent industrialists in town as well as civic and political leaders, decided to open a mutual savings institution that would pay depositors dividends and provide a means for individuals to own homes.

As Southbridge Savings Bank looks toward a new future of operation, the vision set forth by its founders carries on. By staying true to the tradition of leadership, trustworthiness and service, the bank will continue to earn the loyalty of customers while it recommits to staying a strong hometown bank. Ever since that day back in 1848, the bank has supported the local community in their personal and professional endeavors.

About Comodo

The Comodo companies provide the infrastructure that is essential in enabling e-merchants, other Internet-connected companies, software companies, and individual consumers to interact and conduct business via the Internet safely and securely. The Comodo companies offer PKI SSLCode SigningContent Verification and Email Certificate; award winning PC Security software;  Vulnerability Scanning services for PCI Compliance; secure e-mail and fax services.

Continual innovation, a core competence in PKI, and a commitment to reversing the growth of Internet-crime distinguish the Comodo companies as vital players in the Internet’s ongoing development. Comodo secures and authenticates online transactions and communications for over 200,000 business customers and 3,000,000 users of our desktop security products.

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