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COMODO HELPS LEADING CUTLERY E-TAILER INCREASE INDIVIDUAL TRANSACTIONAL VALUE BY OVER 250% integrated Comodo's eCommerce Accelerator Kit and saw average order value increase from $34 to $120

Jersey City, NJ (April 24, 2008) - Comodo, a leading Certification Authority and Security company, announced today that using its eCommerce Accelerator Kit can help business improve their online performance. Comodo's new eCommerce Accelerator Kit includes EV SSL certificates, HackerProof and UserTrust, which together are designed to deliver important trust indicators to site visitors that help accelerate visitor conversion, improve user interaction, and create trusted transactions. Cumulatively, these solutions helped realize a significant increase in business including an average 250% increase in the value of each transaction. Before the deployment of the eCommerce Accelerator Kit, an average sale on was $34. After the solution was deployed, average transaction value rose to $120. This improvement was in addition to a significant increase in site traffic conversion.

Excalibur Cutlery was launched in 1978 and had been online for over a year and using competitive solutions, such as ScanAlert and Thawte, for their online security. "The strategic challenge for our website was to grow our customer base by transferring the trust our customers has with our in-store experience to the virtual world." said Thomas Goodman, Internet Retail Manager at Excalibur Cutlery. "Before we adopted Comodo, we were not achieving great business results because our customers did not trust our site as much as we needed them to. We decided to replace all our previous security solutions and use Comodo's eCommerce Accelerator Kit instead. The results have been amazing."

The Comodo eCommerce Accelerator Kit:

1) Website security and identity assurance with EV SSL Certificate
EV SSL certificates provide eMerchants with the ability to reassure site visitors about the verifiable identity of a site with EV SSL certificates. EV SSL certificates deliver improved customer trust by providing important trust information, unavailable in other SSL certificates, including:

  • Business identity confirmation using a new green indicator in the address bar

  • Access to further trust information in the URL including the credentials of both the site owner and the Certification Authority that verified the information in the certificate

The result is that consumers can be confident that they are on an authenticated site and not a phishing site.

2) End User protection against hackers verified with HackerProof Service
HackerProof is a service that drives visitor conversion by certifying that the site has been tested and meets Comodo's stringent "anti-hacker" security standards. As proof of their "anti-hacker" status, these eMerchants can display the HackerProof trust mark which is highly valued by eMerchants as an endorsement of the site's credibility as over 100 million people associate the Comodo brand with security. Importantly, unlike other competitive providers, Comodo offers this advanced service for free until the eMerchant sees at least a 5% increase in site conversion rates.

3) Social authentication of site's performance with UserTrust Feedback Platform
UserTrust is a free feedback platform for eMerchants to help them harness the power of customer feedback in order to optimize visitor conversion. When customers rate a company through UserTrust, subsequent visitors benefit from seeing previous users' experience and feedback. This drives "distributed" social authentication of a site's ability to deliver on its promises.

To date, hundreds of eMerchants have created more trusted sites using active management of customer feedback:

  • Capture customer feedback for analysis and future promotional opportunities.

  • Manage negative feedback to improve business results.

  • Mine data for service or solution gaps to generate more loyal customers.

  • Create viral marketing conversion campaigns to attract new customers through endorsements from existing satisfied customers, (e.g. tell a friend program). Business Results business results were impressive despite the fact that the Comodo solutions was on the site for less than a month. According to the company, the site realized these business results:

  • Average value per order increased from $34 to $120

  • Site traffic did not increase, but there was a measurable increase in percentage of customers that converted

  • Website is seeing a measurable increase in average time spent on site which improve the chances of converting visitors into customers

"Increasing customer confidence and trust is a critical requirement for most online businesses and our approach manages the trust building process from a number of different perspectives" said Melih Abdulhayoglu, CEO and Chief Security Architect of Comodo. "By implementing the eCommerce Accelerator Kit, eMerchants can deploy a set of trust building solutions proven to improve the key metrics of any online business - visitor conversion and transactional value. The results of demonstrate how Comodo is building business for our customers, easily and economically."

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Since 1978, Excalibur Cutlery and gifts has been serving customers from its retail locations and through its website to deliver the best service, value and the largest selection of cutlery and gift products to customers around the world. Excalibur Cutlery considers its customers to be the most valuable asset of its business; Excalibur Cutlery specializes in providing superior customer service along with a depth of product assortment that is unsurpassed. Whether their customers are looking for a specific cutlery item or gifts for someone special, Excalibur Cutlery's comprehensive product portfolio of over 2,000 products reflects their customers' requests as well as their own product quality evaluations. All of their products are fully tested by their own staff to ensure complete customer satisfaction. For more information, please visit;

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