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The CEO of Comodo Internet Security Abdulhayoglu considers PC Diversity Good and it Needn’t Cost More

Jersey City, NJ, April 23, 2009 – “Some of my best friends use Macs,” said Melih Abdulhayoglu “Diversity is good. We can all get along, and accommodating both doesn’t have to cost more.”

The CEO of Comodo, a leader in Internet Security, spoke about a divisive broadcast on CNBC’s On the Money on April 17, pitting the users of PCs against those of the Apple Mac. Blogger Sam Symons excited hundreds of comments on the issue on his blog

On the broadcast, CNBC’s Jim Goldman claimed that over time PCs were more expensive than Macs. PC owners would have to buy software, he claimed, that Mac owners didn’t need.

Among the costs Goldman listed were Norton Anti-Virus at $50/year and a “Geek Squad Visit” at $129.

Yes, every PC should have malware protection. But, no, protection does not need to cost hundreds of dollars. Or even a penny. The award-winning Comodo Internet Security suite is available free for PC users all around the world,” said Abdulhayoglu.

And, yes, some PC owners may want to call in in-person technical support. But there are cost-effective alternatives out there, including Comodo Security Solutions’s LivePC Support, an online service offering unlimited chat-based technical support.”

Yes, PC owners can spend as much as Jim (Goldman) spells out, but they don’t have to,” he said. “With ingenuity and thrift they can have security and support for $39 a year.”

Diversity makes us stronger. The world should accommodate both PCs and Macs without having to count the cost.”

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