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Vulnerability scanning services helps keep servers safe from hackers who steal people’s sensitive information

Jersey City, NJ (May 22, 2008) – ComputerWorld recently reported on the spread of a worm that infects site databases causing visitors to unknowingly download malware onto their PC. In response to this challenging security threat, Comodo announced today that their HackerProof vulnerability scanning services provides another layer of security that identifies server vulnerabilities that need to be patched before hackers are able to exploit the vulnerability. This “early warning system” for online businesses identifies potential security gaps in web servers so that eMerchants can maintain a secure server that protects visitors’ information from being stolen by online criminals. With HackerProof, consumers’ identities, passwords, credit card information and bank account details can be kept safe and secure from hackers.

Today’s online merchants must protect their servers from multiple hacker threats with a robust vulnerability management solution that can detect diverse and fluid hacker threats. The recent ComputerWorld article confirms how challenging this security issue is for eMerchants which is why Comodo’s HackerProof vulnerability scanning service was designed to be a comprehensive approach to vulnerability management. This service performs a comprehensive security scan, checking for over 14,000 vulnerabilities, on a daily basis. This ensures that a company’s web site keeps all hackers from exploiting a website and stealing sensitive customer information.

Comodo’s HackerProof Service includes the following features:

  • A daily vulnerability scan, testing a site for over 14,000 security vulnerabilities. After each scan, HackerProof customers receive a comprehensive vulnerability report detailing any security issues with remediation advices and advisories to fix them.
  • The Comodo HackerProof trustmark that merchants can display on their website, showing customers that their site is safe from hackers
  • A web-based management tool that provides daily reporting on scans and allows merchants to measure the effectiveness of the HackerProof trustmark

Importantly, not only does this service provide proactive security safeguards but it also confers an added layer of trust among site visitors. When a site has been found to be free of vulnerabilities, the eMerchant can display the HackerProof trustmark, proven to drive increased visitor conversion. In fact, Comodo offers HackerProof service for free to online merchants until the eMerchant sees at least a 5% conversion improvement in site traffic.

Improve Online Performance with Comodo’s eCommerce Accelerator Kit
HackerProof is part of Comodo’s eCommerce Accelerator Kit, which is an innovative approach for creating more sales through more trusted transactions. This program includes an Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate for trust through identity verification protecting users from phishing sites, UserTrust customer feedback platform to improve consumer confidence in the site’s performance in addition to HackerProof which helps safeguard customer information. Together, these three solutions inject key trust attributes into the site that can help create a trusted site to help accelerate visitor conversion and improve user interaction.

HackerProof is part of an overall strategy to deliver programs that help eMerchants convert more customers through the currency of increased trust“, said Melih Abdulhayoglu, CEO and Chief Security Architect of Comodo. “Programs like the eCommerce Accelerator Kit are designed to be easy for eMerchants to deploy while creating the trusted environment needed for improved site performance. This is another example of how our solutions creates trust in online sales.”

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