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Free Comodo Online Backup 2.2 Exports to Script Files

Jersey City, NJ, January 20, 2010 – Not only do network administrators need to back up the information on their systems regularly, they also need to test the backed-up information. A scrupulous administrator may diligently and regularly preserve a valuable database. Yet, after a disaster, the administrator may learn with chagrin that a crucial file such as the part number table has been overlooked, and that has not been backed up since before the annual inventory.

Comodo Backup offers new features to make network backups easier and more precise than ever. Users can automate their backup procedures by saving their commands into executable script files.

Moreover, after testing, network administrators must be sure that they can repeat the steps that collected and saved the successful backup. Inexpensive backup software packages allow businesses to make backups. If the software does not record the backup instructions, the administrator may have no guarantee of successfully repeating the process. Small business owners may yearn for functional backup software, but find that its price is out of reach.

Now Comodo Backup offers those businesses free backup software which exports the commands to script files, ensuring that backup instructions can be recorded, repeated and improved.

Comodo Backup is available as a free, stand-alone product. In addition, the script files the software creates can be copied to Comodo Online Backup if desired.

With Comodo Backup, backups do not require physical proximity. With Comodo Backup’s new interface, account holders can copy data to their storage space using Comodo Online Backup. This means backed-up data and online storage space can be accessed from any Internet-connected computer in the world. Comodo Backup users can even sign up for a Comodo Online Backup account from the Comodo Backup interface.

By saving the scheduling, backing up and restoring commands to script files, Comodo Backup eliminates error-prone repetitive procedures.

When the administrator issues commands to Comodo Backup, the software saves those commands as an executable script file. If the administrator or a user thinks of a way to improve the backup procedure, the administrator can easily edit the script file for the next backup occasion.

Comodo Backup 2.2 consistently makes it easier for system administrators to frequently and diligently copy the backup information they need for smooth system operation. For more information, visit

About Comodo

Comodo is a leading brand in Internet security, covering an extensive range of security software and services, including digital certificates, PCI scanning, desktop security, online faxing, and computer technical support services.

Businesses and consumers worldwide recognize Comodo as standing for security and trust. Comodo products secure and authenticate online transactions for over 25,000,000 installations of Comodo desktop security software, including an award-winning Firewall and Antivirus software offered at no charge.

The Comodo family of companies is committed to continual innovation, core competencies in PKI, authentication, and malware detection and prevention. As a catalyst in eliminating online crime, the companies’ mission is to establish a Trusted Internet.

With US headquarters overlooking Manhattan on New Jersey’s waterfront, and global resources in United Kingdom, China, India, Ukraine, and Romania, Comodo products offer intelligent security, authentication, and assurance.

Comodo — Creating Trust Online®. For more information, visit Comodo’s website , or our Internet Video Channel, Comodo.TV .

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