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Consumer trust with SSL – The food that e-commerce thrives on

E-vendors need to take lead in boosting customer assurance

New Jersey, 15th June 2005. Comodo , the leading global provider of Risk Alignment Services, have targeted customer awareness as the key piece in the internet trust jigsaw puzzle.

Melih Abdulhayoglu, President and CEO, Comodo Inc , believes that nourishing a level of assurance similar to that of a live action transaction is possible if the customer has been provided with the tools, the education and the confidence to validate that the website entrusted with their credit card details is genuine.

In his paper, ' Establishing Trust on the Internet ', he states,

" Unlike the real world, where a customer that enters a store can see us, touch us, smell us and validate the reality of our existence, on the online world there is only the pixels of a monitor. In the physical world we can use all of our 5 senses – in the virtual world we can use only 1. We need to create a situation where seeing, genuinely, is believing. "

Abdulhayoglu believes this situation can only be brought about after a concerted effort by e-commerce sites, webhosts and security companies to secure every link in the chain of a typical internet transaction.

" There are 3 elements involved in securing a transaction – the vendor, the security provisioning company and the customer. Most successful fraud is committed by exploiting the vulnerabilities of the latter. Companies can legitimately argue that they have taken every measure possible to ensure the security of their transactions via measures such as 128 bit SSLencryption and deployment of identity assurance services like MasterCard SecureCode. But the crucial point is that these measures might be the cutting edge of security yet only protect the customer once a connection is made to the genuine company server. Should this fail to happen and the customer falls victim to a Phishing attack that sends them to a spoof website, all the investment by the e-trader in security becomes irrelevant. "

Read the full paper at

About Comodo

Comodo is a leading global provider of Risk Alignment Services and Business Infrastructure Solutions differentiated by security and total cost of ownership. Comodo's web hosting automation and infrastructure solutions offer enterprise class digital e-commerce products and services. Leveraging from a broad range of security-centric solutions allows customers' telecommunications networks to become more intelligent, reliable, and secure. Maintaining an intense focus on customers who derive strategic value from their business infrastructures has paved the way for a diverse yet perfectly synergistic portfolio of security focused solutions and services. Comodo is the main driving force behind Establishing Trust initiatives for e-Business , curbing Phishing attacks and creating an Identity Assurance and Brand Protection framework.

Expertise with the life cycle management of Digital Certificate and creation of issuance tools enables Comodo to provide infinitely scalable security deployment to individuals and enterprises alike. Comodo is the world's second largest and fastest growing High Assurance Certificate Authority .

Comodo can be reached on + 1.888.266.6361 or + 1.703.581.6361

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