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Comodo Introduces Expanded Features and Functionality in NOC Monkey Solution Incorporating Customer Requests

Comodo Technologies Provides Hushmail with Tools to Authenticate Its Site and Offers Free Downloads for Security Conscious Customers

Jersey City, NJ (February 14, 2006) – Comodo Inc a global leader in Identity and Trust Assurance (ITA) Management solutions, today announced that Hushmail , a provider of secure Internet communications, has integrated Comodo's verification solution to address the security needs of both new and existing customers. By simply downloading and installing the Comodo Verification Engine™ plug-in for Internet Explorer, consumers can not only verify that they are working with an authenticated Hushmail site (verifying both the URL, IP address and the Hushmail logo itself), but they can verify a multitude of other trademarks and brands on the Internet.

In 2005, Hushmail was the victim of a Phishing/Pharming attack where their users were directed to a fraudulent site that appeared to be the legitimate Hushmail site. Luckily, Hushmail was quickly able to remedy the problem, but their end user trust was compromised. Today, Hushmail moved from implementing a reactive phishing strategy to taking a proactive stance by identifying Comodo as the only provider able to deliver a solution to Hushmail customers. Hushmail has enabled the Comodo VerificationEngine to provide an extra layer of assurance that the site that users are accessing is the true Hushmail Website.

We have always prided ourselves in providing superior email encryption, but certificates keep not effective against attacks that trick users into accessing malicious Websites. The DNS attack at our domain registrar that redirected users away from our site underscored the need for us to help our users address security concerns that go beyond encryption, said Ben Cutler, CEO of Hush Communications. Offering the Comodo Verification Engine to our users will enable them to feel secure that the Website they are accessing is the true Hushmail Website.

Content Verification Certificate (CVCs) empower enterprises to take a proactive, preventative response to phishing attacks by allowing highly reliable end-user verification. Working with Comodo will allow Hushmail to leverage CVC's verification process, (initiated by the user and not the Web server) which allows any digitally signed content bound to a specific URL/IP to be rendered onto the display in a different way to all other "non-verified" elements, easily highlighting trusted elements. With the CVC, a unique "fingerprint" is created for the content of Websites that allows consumers to instantaneously distinguish legitimate content on Web pages from fraudulent ones.

The heart of Comodo's Brand Verification Solution for Hushmail is the CVC. This certificate is created, distributed, and revoked using proven PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) methods to provide the highest level of security for Web page content. This certification facilitates the deployment of verified login boxes, verified navigation panes, verified trade marks / brands and verified accreditation / association logos such as the Hushmail logo.

For the consumer, Hushmail offers one of the most user-friendly secure mail solutions available on the Internet. With the creation of one simple password, Hushmail ensures the security, privacy and authenticity of emails, transparently performing the encryption and decryption of each communication. In addition, the Comodo solution provides users a simple tool to identify the legitimate Hushmail site. Users simply download Comodo's free verification engine and then roll their mouse over the Hushmail logos. If it is a legitimate site an Internet box on the outside border of the Website will turn green. This engine is available free to all consumers and can verify more than 10,000 of the most well known e-businesses.

We know that phishing and other fraudulent attacks are on the rise, and Comodo is committed to thwarting these before they happen, said Melih Abdulhayoglu, President and CEO of Comodo. With Hushmail, we believe that our Content Verification Certificate and consumer Verification Engine will help bring security back to the Company and enable trust online and assurance for its customers moving forward.

About Comodo

Comodo is a leading global provider of Identity and Trust Assurance services on the Internet, with over 200,000 customers worldwide. Headquartered in Jersey City, NJ with global offices in the UK, Ukraine, Norway and India, the company offers businesses and consumers the intelligent security, authentication and assurance services necessary to ensure trust in online transactions.

As a leading Certification Authority, and in combination with the Digital Trust Lab (DTL), Comodo helps enterprises address digital ecommerce and infrastructure needs with reliable, third generation solutions that improve customer relationships, enhance customer trust and create efficiencies across digital ecommerce operations. Comodo's solutions include integrated Web hosting management solutions infrastructure services , digital e-commerce services, Digital Certification identity assurance , customer privacy and vulnerability management solutions. For additional information on Comodo – Creating Trust Online™ – please visit: .

About Hushmail

Hushmail is a Web-based e-mail service that lets you send and receive email in total security. Hushmail messages, and their attachments, are encrypted using Open PGP standard algorithms. These algorithms combined with Hushmail's unique key management system, offer users unrivalled levels of security. Hushmail's security is end-to-end; messages are encrypted before leaving the sender's computer and remain encrypted until after they arrive on the recipient's machine, where the contents are automatically decrypted. Hushmail's encryption works automatically, transparently and seamlessly, requiring no specialized computer skills or knowledge. Encrypting a message is as simple as clicking a mouse.

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