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Comodo First to Issue EV SSL Certificate to a Non-Corporate Business Entity

With new guidelines approved by the CA/B Forum, Comodo has begun to deliver EV SSL certificates to all verifiable businesses including sole proprietorships

Jersey City, NJ (June 12, 2007) — Comodo, a global Certification Authority and leading provider of Identity and Trust Assurance Management solutions, is pleased to announce that, in accordance with the newly-ratified EV SSL Guidelines established by the CA/Browser Forum, it has begun offering EV SSL certificates to all businesses, both corporate and non-corporate entities. This first set of guidelines, two years in the making, was championed by Comodo in its commitment to make sure that all businesses, regardless of status or financial resources, have access to first-rate security and authentication solutions. Comodo was prepared for the passing of these new guidelines and immediately issued the first such EV SSL Certificate to a non-corporate business entity.

The first business to receive an EV SSL Certificate is This innovative business allows customers to procure home contractor services within their local area based on their telephone area code. Created by Scott Wolmouth, this site offers contractors guaranteed marketing and advertising through a sophisticated set of services including telemarketing, a business profile, and a routing source to drive qualified leads to the contractor using innovative database routing and a live transfer.

Prior to today,, like other sole proprietorships doing business under an assumed name, could not obtain an EV SSL certificate because there were no established processes for validating this class of business owner. For businesses like, this created a significant business disadvantage.

“Establishing trust on my site is critical because visitors need to have confidence in my site otherwise they will not procure services through me,” said Mr. Wolmouth. “Having Comodo’s EV SSL Certificate on my website will definitely improve sign-up rates because I look as credible as any other larger site and the EV SSL certificate demonstrates my trustworthiness to my customers.”

As the initiator of the CA/Browser Forum, Comodo championed the need for EV SSL certificates for business of all sizes because, in many ways, smaller businesses have a higher need to establish trust using EV SSL certificates than their larger competitors. Unlike big businesses that have deep resources to “buy” consumers’ trust through branding campaigns, EV SSL certificates levels the playing field for smaller sites irrespective of financial resources or legal status because online visitors can equally trust all EV protected sites due to the stringent validation processes.

“ is the first of many sole proprietor small businesses who will be able to prominently display their status as a highly authenticated online business,” said Melih Abdulhayoglu, CEO and Chief Security Architect of Comodo. “Comodo is proud that it has enabled business owners like Scott Wolmouth to create a new level of trust and drive more revenue. Comodo’s validation infrastructure is ready to authenticate many, many more small businesses like so that they too can create more trust online.”

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