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Comodo SSL launches a solution dedicated to eradicating online fraud

Free VerificationEngine trust solution available for download

Comodo, the Internet security specialists, has today announced the launch of a patented, free solution which uniquely eradicates the risks posed by fraudulent web sites and faked emails (phishing). Available free of charge from VEngine and the world’s only solution, VerificationEngine enhances the capabilities of the ubiquitous web browser to that of a true trusted business tool – verifying website content and SSL connectivity whilst helping to identify fraudulent/spoofed websites. By running VerificationEngine the web user is able to verify once and for all that the site they are visiting (or directed to via email) can be trusted – essential in the current climate of fraudulent sites and faked emails now appearing daily.

The need for content and SSL verification has been highlighted recently by scams aimed at customers of CitiGroup, Lloyds TSB Bank and PayPal. Any message or icon within a browser can be faked; logo’s and content can be copied from a genuine site and click-throughs can be redirected to other web sites. The only solution to this growing problem is for the web user to ratify for themselves that site elements can be verified; this requires the verification to take place outside of the browser so that the fraudulent site has no possible influence on the results. VerificationEngine will indicate both that the site is legitimately able to display logos such as credit card icons (for online purchasing) and, if appropriate, is secured by SSL, and does so whilst signifying this in a highly visual and / or audible manner.

Comodo is the leading innovative SSL Certification Authority is just one of a portfolio of products developed to leverage the power of digital identities, both for personal and commercial authentication. All products fit seamlessly together offering both a hardware and software solution to any security requirement.

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