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Comodo TrustConnect provides Secure SSL Wi-Fi on the Go

Jersey City, NJ, October 09, 2008 — According to a recent study from the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, most wireless connections at hotels are still unsecure. Wi-Fi users at hotels are at risk of “man-in-the-middle” attacks that can mislead patrons into giving out sensitive information. In unsecured networks, users risk hacker tampering with unencrypted emails and web exchanges. In the spirit of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, Comodo Security Solutions, Inc. reminds concerned Wi-Fi users that its TrustConnect service allows laptop owners to take network security into their own hands and keep their connection secure, no matter what network they use.

TrustConnect, which works on Windows, Mac and even Linux OSes, uses an SSL certificate to create a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This VPN allows TrustConnect to essentially put a shield around the user’s connection to the Internet, preventing hackers from accessing the protected system while on a public wireless connection. This protection extends no matter what network users are logged onto, be it in a hotel, on the road, or anywhere else.

With a 7-day free trial and affordable monthly and annual rates, TrustConnect from Comodo is one of the most secure, reliable services available to assure users that they are protected, no matter what network they are connected to. Hotels may have to catch up on their network security, but laptop owners don’t have to wait for them.

About Comodo

The Comodo companies combine security and authentication technologies to shape a new paradigm-the Trusted Internet-where people worldwide use the Internet confidently in their personal and professional lives. Comodo was founded in 1998 with a passion to create trust online. With that bold vision, Comodo consistently delivers innovative patent-pending technologies that free people to trust their online connections in education, philanthropy and commerce.

More than 250,000 businesses, and millions of consumers, benefit from Comodo’s trust infrastructure with a broad array of security and authentication technologies encompassing EncryptionDigital CertificateIdentity and Access services, PKI, Secure CommunicationsDesktop Security solutions and Vulnerability Management services.

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