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Antivirus Provider Comodo LivePCSupport Now Available in Hindi

Jersey City, NJ, June 09, 2009 — No longer do Hindi speakers need to be experts to be able to solve their PC problems. Comodo now offers on-demand support from certified security and PC experts. Hindi-speaking PC experts from Comodo establish Internet-based connections to subscribers’ computers and are able to help fix many common problems online.

“A mum in Mumbai can stay in touch with a son in San Francisco,” said Melih Abdulhayoglu, CEO and Chief Security Officer of Comodo. “With LivePCSupport, they can enjoy all the benefits of the Internet without having to understand how their computers work. If you have a problem, just click the LivePCSupport icon on your desktop and Comodo helps fix it.”

The company’s award-winning Comodo Internet Security suite includes an Antivirus and firewall with Default Deny Protection (DDP™).

LivePCSupport’s 24-hour service is cost efficient for businesses as well, he remarked. “Comodo’s PC experts are available year-round, all day and night, even on national holidays, such as Republic Day. If you have to work then, and you have a computer problem, Comodo is there to help you.”

About Comodo

Comodo Security Solution, Inc. creates trust online by securing the PCs of millions of Internet users worldwide. The company’s award-winning Firewall and Antivirus software are available through Comodo Internet Security at no charge as part of Comodo’s initiative to protect every PC from malware.

Comodo Internet Securitys Default Deny Protection™ protects computers from online threats with ease and security. Other free Comodo products include backup software, Comodo System-Cleaner, and PC memory cleaning.

Comodo, is committed to creating an infrastructure for a Trusted Internet and providing online interactions with a new layer of security and trust, both mutual and in real time.

The Comodo companies secure and authenticate online transactions and communications for over 200,000 business customers and have over 15,000,000 installations of desktop security products.

For more information about the Comodo companies, visit our website.

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