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Manchester, UK, July 08, 2009 — The Barclays Premier League football club’s insistence on looking after the best interest of fans and patrons extends to their adoption of SSL solutions on their official club website (

We want to give our fans and visitors the best possible protection” said Michael Crowder, Operations Manager of the club Digital Media department. “We are now using Comodo CA Ltd for our Security Certificates. The SSL solutions they provide adhere to industry standards and are offered at a very competitive rate.”

Whether fans want to buy museum tickets or merchandise, or book entry for tours or Soccer Schools they are confident all information transmitted through the site is secure.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates allow computer systems to encrypt information, turning it into unintelligible strings of characters. Only the certificate owner can decipher the information.

When popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari, detect encryption, they display a golden padlock.

Such encryption allows e-merchants like Liverpool Football Club’s online store to communicate sensitive information such as credit card numbers and passwords with site visitors without the fear of interception.

Our fans deserve the high assurance of a Comodo SSL certificate,” said Michael Crowder, “and we also appreciate the centralized administration functionality of Comodo’s EPKI management.

For more information about Comodo high assurance SSL certificates, visit, or call 44 (0)161.874.7070. Outside the UK, call +1 703 581 6361.

About Liverpool FC:

With 18 league Championships and 5 European cup wins, Liverpool FC are England’s most successful football club.

About Comodo:


Comodo CA, Ltd., is the world’s second-largest issuer of high-assurance digital certificates, providing online communications unreadable to anyone but the sender and the recipient.

Comodo CA, Ltd., provides cost-effective solutions that protect online information. Digital certificates enable secure sockets layer (SSL) communications, unreadable to anyone but the sender and the recipient. Code Signing Certificate ensure that software is not tampered with.

Patent-pending Comodo CA technology enables Internet users to send encrypted emails without exchanging public keys beforehand,

Continual innovation, a core competence in digital encryption, and a commitment to halting Internet crime distinguish the Comodo companies. The Comodo companies secure and authenticate online transactions and communications for over 200,000 business customers, and it has over 15,000,000 installations of desktop security products.

Comodo CA, Ltd., — Creating Trust Online®. For more information, visit Comodo’s website.

For more information, reporters and analysts may contact:
Comodo — Creating Trust Online®
+1 (201) 963 0004 x4073

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