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SSL provider Comodo expands with opening of new administration center

Comodo looks to the future with growth built on success

Manchester, UK, 29 July 2003 — Comodo, the internet security specialist, has today announced a major expansion of its operations with the opening of a sales and administration center in Manchester, UK. The center not only provides Comodo with additional flexibility for current operations but also offers the capacity to meet future demand projections.

The center, covering 3500 square feet, will form the hub for sales, marketing and support operations and complements Comodo's US office and Research & Development Laboratory. The opening of the office is the direct result of the continuing success of Comodo, which has achieved operational profitability within 7 months.

Key to Comodo's success is a company-wide "value adding" customer focus which synergizes new technologies with flexible web-based interfaces and a highly personalized partner network to deliver ground-breaking cost-effective products and services. Comodo at all times commits itself to providing solutions which enhance the online experience of both website operators and end users, working with them to establish trust and inspire confidence.

Jim Whiffin, Director of Comodo CA Ltd (a Comodo Group company) commenting on the expansion said "We are obviously very excited by this expansion in our capabilities. We are able to service an ever greater volume of customers whilst continuing to deliver the quality of service that is a critical element of Comodo's positioning and identity." He continued "Comodo is very aware of its position in the community and we are pleased to be able to inject a source of revenue and employment into the local economy through the opening of our new sales and administration center."

Comodo launched the highly successful InstantSSL ( range of SSL Certificates in March 2002 and is the only certification authority to issue low cost fully-validated SSL Certificates with warranties. InstantSSL Certificates are digital credentials that enable websites to secure customer transactions using the industry standard security protocol known as SSL. By allowing websites to create an encrypted secure link with the customer, SSL has increased consumer confidence and fuelled the growth in online transactions. Comodo employs a stringent yet highly efficient policy of full two-step validation for all SSL Certificates, verifying both domain name ownership and company legitimacy as part of the issuance process to ensure a safe and secure e-commerce infrastructure. In addition to InstantSSL, Comodo currently offers TrustLogo real time web identity assurance, the SIDENT TC4000 secure input device, secure email certificates and network security audits.

About Comodo:

Comodo, is a leading Internet security specialist and provides next generation E-commerce Security Solutions. Through a growing range of products, services and applications developed by its dedicated research lab, Comodo provides software, hardware, secure messaging and certificate based security.

After its first year of issuing SSL Certificates, Comodo has quickly become the 2nd largest Certification Authority in the world. For product information please contact + 1.888.266.6361 or + 1.703.581.6361 or visit the Comodo Home Page at

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