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TrustToolbar Express Certificates launched – Merchant websites can become TrustToolbar enabled at no cost

Comodo helps build trust on the Internet with new software security product

Kent, UK, 15 July 2001 — Comodo has today launched TrustToolbar Express Certificates for merchant websites, bringing new levels of confidence and navigability to Internet users. TrustToolbar Express Certificates, which are available to merchant websites at no cost, take only minutes to apply for, and offer security, trust and functionality enhancements previously unavailable to commercial entities with an online presence.

TrustToolbar Express Certificates bind a company's name (legal name) to a URL and other corporate identification information. The Certificates are read and verified by the TrustToolbar Plug-in, the free client-side browser enhancement. As the TrustToolbar Plug-in only displays the information from a Certificate that is i/ retrieved for the legitimate URL and ii/ passes the digital signature verification, the user can be sure that the information displayed belongs to the corporate entity behind the website.

TrustToolbar Express Certificates also provide numerous navigability features that enhance how a merchant website may be located by the user. TrustToolbar Express Certificate holders may have their website navigated to or searched for by the user simply using company name, address, telephone number, keywords, trademarks, and other company identifiers.

For more details on the TrustToolbar Express Certificate please visit the TrustToolbar website at

About Comodo:

Comodo provides next generation E-commerce Security Solutions. E-business is the most exciting revolution of our age and offers an unimaginably vast potential if – and only if – the challenges of real security are successfully met. Comodo offers "one stop" security for today's businesses and consumers; a comprehensive, user friendly infrastructure designed and integrated with exciting new hardware and software security and digital signature products and services.

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