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Comodo SSL Certificates Solve Trust Problems for Increasingly Demanded Internationalized Domains

Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) capability available on a broad portfolio of SSL offerings

Jersey City, NJ, October 07, 2008 — Companies utilizing Internationalized Domain Names (IDN’s) have long had to overcome visitor concern and uncertainty regarding the security and perceived authenticity of their websites. However, sites using Comodo SSL certificates have been able to address these concerns as they have seamlessly integrated with IDN’s. Comodo offers IDN visitors the traditional assurances of security and authenticity associated with SSL. This provides site visitors a safe and convenient mechanism to access websites in their preferred language. Furthermore, we have offered these services for years, well before it became standard practice in the digital certification industry.

Comodo’s systems are able to recognize and issue certificates that contain local language characters in all certificate fields. Not only will Internationalized Domain content be reflected in the certificate details, but Comodo’s Trusted Site Seal will also be presented in local language. Comodo systems are also fully internationalized across all certificate enrollment details including Code Signing Certificate product lines. We also offer S/MIME certificates on IDN email addresses. Comodo’s competitors are only beginning to meet the same standards.

Too many people still don’t trust a domain name displaying foreign characters,” said Melih Abulhayoglu, CEO and Chief Security Architect of Comodo. “When someone sees an IDN for the first time, that person’s natural inclination may be to think the site is fraudulent or unprotected. Using a Comodo SSL certificate with IDN support can help website owners overcome this problem.”

About Comodo

The Comodo companies combine security and authentication technologies to shape a new paradigm-the Trusted Internet-where people worldwide use the Internet confidently in their personal and professional lives. Comodo was founded in 1998 with a passion to create trust online. With that bold vision, Comodo consistently delivers innovative patent-pending technologies that free people to trust their online connections in education, philanthropy and commerce.

More than 250,000 businesses, and millions of consumers, benefit from Comodo’s trust infrastructure with a broad array of security and authentication technologies encompassing EncryptionDigital CertificateIdentity and Access services, PKI, Secure CommunicationsDesktop Security solutions and Vulnerability Management services.

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